This article provides all details on accident Val Alain. It also includes additional details on the statement of the victim’s mother on the incident.

What do you know about the Val-Alain accident? Are you aware of the entire story? If you don’t, this is what to do. Val-Alain has been rocked by a terrible collision on Monday. The news is now the talk in Canada.

We will be covering the Accident Va Alain today and other details about the victims. For more information, please visit the blog.

Details about Val-Alain Fatal Incident:

Everyone has been stunned by recent news about the Val Alain accident that resulted in death. According to reports, the victims were riding on Suzuki Vitara. The accident took place on Monday at 10:30pm. At the intersection of Rue Principale and 3erang close to Du Chene River Bridge, the accident took place. The victim was driving the car at high speeds and crashed into the stone. According to the Unfall Val Alain20Juin 2022 findings, the car traveled at around 50 km/hr. That is what the victims experienced when they were hit by the car.

Although an investigation is still ongoing to determine the cause of this fatal accident but the victim’s mother was aware that such an incident was likely. We share further details below about the mother statement of victim.

Victims Identity: Val-Alain accident:

Two married women lost their lives in an accident at the Chene River. Their children became orphans after the incident. According to reports the victims had at least two children. Although the identities of victims were not made public, reports from Accident Val Alain indicate that one victim was Derek Marcoux, who was 32. Lydia Dufour, his spouse, was also killed in the accident. This accident occurred on Monday. It was determined that the car had crossed the river before it could reach the rocks in the opposite direction of the river. The car caught on fire.

The case is being thoroughly investigated to discover the real cause behind the fatal accident. Meanwhile, the victim’s mother was also present at accident scene the next day. The victim’s mother was also present at the accident site, where she gave us the probable cause. We have reproduced her statement below.

Statement of the mother of the victim on Incident Val Alain HTML3_ :

The fatal accident happened on Monday at the intersection of Rue Principale Street and 3e Ring. Sandra Tardif, Derek Marcoux’s mom, was seen in the incident on Tuesday afternoon. The mother of the victim said that her son had done it as a voluntary act. She stated that her son was willingly to die, and she wanted to join her daughter, who died last October. Please note that all details in this article are taken directly from the internet.


The accident Val Alain proved to be fatal. However, the victim’s mother believes it to have been a voluntary act. This article gives all the information. Click here to find out more about Val-Alain’s accident.

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