Rosemere’s Highway 640: Are you familiar? This article will help you to understand the current situation.

Autoroute 640 in Quebec, Canada is a well-known highway. This route has been the victim of many accidents in recent years. You could end up in the hospital for a small mistake.

Highways are a safe way to drive. Each year, news media reports about accidents on this highway. Each year, there is a serious accident on this route. Yesterday, Highway 640 was also the scene of a terrible accident. The car driver sustained serious injuries in the accident. Scroll down to view Accident 6431 Mars 2022 for more information.

What’s the latest?

Sergeant Audrey-Ann Bilodeau from Surete du Quebec said that the incident happened at 9.30 a.m. A man in his 30s drove the small Honda Civic and was unable to stop unexpectedly. He was then hit by a school bus.

According to the spokesperson, the car was then forced against a semi-trailer truck in its path.

The driver of the car was in serious condition and the bus carrying several teens was also taken to the hospital. However, no injuries were sustained. The two other drivers involved in the accident were not hurt.

Traffic was stopped in the area because of ” Accident 6431 Mars 2022“, and a reconstructionist was called to the scene to investigate the incident. To allow Surete du Quebec collision investigation experts to complete their work, a section on Highway 640 East was shut down to traffic on March 31.

Highway 640 has been reopened to traffic.

About: Quebec Autoroute 640

The Autoroute 640, a Quebec highway that runs parallel the Riviere des Mille-Iles through the North Shore Region, is Route 344 in Oka and Route 138 Charlemagne. It was originally intended to cross the Lake of Two Mountains, and serve as a northern bypass of Montreal. It measures 54.8 km in length.

Accident 640 31 Mars 2022: Highway A-640 incidents

On July 23, 2019,

Highway 640, west of Montreal, was the scene of an accident in which two buses collided. The accident happened at 10:10 a.m. on July 23, 2019, All children aboard, aged 5-12 years old, were safely taken from the bus. Around 50 children boarded. The bus crashed due to a slowing car. Some children and adults suffered serious injuries as a result.

Every year, there are many accidents on this highway. Some of the most dangerous accidents have happened on this highway. ” Accident 6431 Mars 2022 .

Final Thoughts

This route is a frequent place for accidents, as we all know. A bus collided with a vehicle as it slowed down, causing the vehicle to crash into a trailer. Although the driver sustained serious injuries, he is not in immediate danger.

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