twist on Tradition

If you remember visiting people’s homes as a child, I’m sure you can recall that every room had those shiny pieces of porcelain throughout. I would revel at how the light would bounce off of them, giving them a sort of magical aura. There would be all kinds of porcelain decor from large sculptural vases sitting in a corner to collections of blue and white China in cabinets and small porcelain figurines on the mantle. I loved being surrounded by them, imagining I’m some kind of royalty.

Today, I rarely see these pieces anywhere. Most people like to keep their décor minimalist or simply don’t want to invest in an expensive porcelain collection. Now, I strongly encourage everyone to use the kind of décor they like and can afford. After all, it’s your own home and only you should get to be its curator.

But on the same note, some people absolutely love the look of porcelain ornaments but are worried that they may appear outdated. If you can afford porcelain décor, by all means, go for it! There are many fresh ways you can implement the good ol’ beloved porcelain ornaments creatively. Try out the following ideas and transform your place with pieces that give off a special sparkle!

Add Some Whimsy with Cute Figurines

If you have a shabby chic, French Provincial or a vintage interior, whimsical figurines will perfectly complement it. This also goes for eclectic spaces and the currently rising trend that is maximalist interior decor.

The great thing about figurines is that they can decorate any room. They look good when placed high up on a mantle in the living room, on floating shelves in the dining room, on a bedroom nightstand, or on a hallway console table.

The trick to making figurine décor look contemporary is simple. All you have to do is to avoid displaying the pieces all in the same place. You want to avoid the effect of them being deliberately placed together. Pick a figurine and make it part of a vignette or a coffee table arrangement together with books, a tray, a candle or a flower vase. For an extra dose of light, consider placing the figurine behind a small mirror.

You can choose a whole collection of figurine pieces for a more noticeable statement, or buy separately choosing as you wish. And there are all sorts of porcelain figurines to choose from. From the cartoon-like Goebel animal designs on the more affordable end to literally royal figurines like the Royal Crown Derby Old Imari Hare which can cost hundreds of pounds.

Whichever porcelain figurine design you choose, the same effect would be guaranteed – you’ll get to add some playfulness to the space. Think of these figurines as toys for adults which are sophisticated enough to be displayed and would leave visitors in awe. And for many, once they buy their first piece, they can’t help but get drawn into the world of collectable figurines.

If you think that figurine collecting will turn into a hobby of yours or you’ve been eyeing some really expensive collectable items, make sure to do your research first. On the market, there are many knockoff versions of popular figurines, and you can easily get scammed, especially when buying online. My advice is to shop only from trustworthy British porcelain figurines retailers with a long history, like for instance Goviers.

Turn Your Porcelain Plate Collection into Wall Art

Did you inherit a priced porcelain plate collection that’s only gathering dust in your cabinets? Or perhaps you always wanted to get a Royal Copenhagen set and show it off to everyone visiting you. Well, you can put those precious babies in the spotlight by turning them into creative wall art.

If you have white walls or any kind of monochromatic walls in your dining room, consider hanging up some of your favourite porcelain plates. This will create a unique gallery wall display without having to invest in expensive wall art. Just make sure to fix them securely to the wall to avoid any accidents and keep them away from areas where people might accidentally bump into them.

Bring Some Colour to Your Outdoor Space with Chinese Stools

I don’t know if you already heard about Chinese garden stools, but I found out about them just a couple of years ago. They’re the most unique kind of stool you can imagine.

Although these barrel-shaped chairs have been in use for at least a thousand years in China, it wasn’t until the middle of the 20th century that they became widely available worldwide. And if they used to be blue and white traditionally, they are now made in a stunning variety of colours.

At least one of these belongs in every garden or balcony space! And although they are specifically made for outdoor use, they also look excellent indoors. Inside, they can make a beautiful side table or accent chair and provide a room with a little touch of colour, gloss, and texture.

Use Porcelain Vases in Unexpected Ways

The traditional spot for a vase has always been on the dining table or on a side table in the living room. Put a twist on vases as décor by putting them in places where they usually don’t go.

Do you have a non-working fireplace just sitting there? If you don’t plan on using it any time soon, then it may be just the perfect spot for a couple of vases to shine. Unlike plants or candles, they won’t be as expected but will still provide colour to the space. Another idea is to have a mirror customised to match the area behind the vases for a glam finishing touch.

Of course, you can also use vases as containers for greenery. But instead of putting flowers as is expected, cut some lovely branches from your garden. Seasonally cut branches can really bring your porcelain vases to life.

A Word of Advice

Of course, these ideas can all look great on their own. But be careful if you want to implement them all at once. Too many porcelain pieces can overwhelm the space and make it look like those homes of the past I talked about. So, it’s better to stick to a few types of porcelain dispersed throughout the home, instead of a single area or room.

Also, never place your priced porcelain in a spot where children can reach it. If you have kids, decorate low surfaces like coffee tables and TV units with less valuable items.