Bongs are one of the most sought-after smoking tools for all kinds of smokers, as they enhance the marijuana smoking experience significantly. The more experience you have with smoking, the more likely you will know what features are most important to you and know the things you like. So, if you are just starting, read on to understand the features and functions of a bong.

One of the main factors to focus on is money, as you don’t want to end up allocating a sizable portion of your monthly income toward a timepass activity.  Online smoke shops offer a variety of cool bongs under 100 dollars with all the necessary features, but they also have intricately designed and crafted bongs that not only have all the features, but also look good enough to serve as a decorative item on your coffee table.

Using a bong efficiently and getting the most out of it is an art. You must know the hack and nacks to handle it properly. Here is how to use a bong, explained in detail.

Parts of a bong

Bowl: The bowl is a part of the device where you put your dry herbs or marijuana. Ideally, the bowl should be bigger to keep the herbs through the process.

Water chamber: The bong’s chamber filled with water cools, filters, and softens smoke.

Smoke chamber and mouth: Smoke travels from the bowl, through the water chamber, and into the mouthpiece.

The process

Crushing your herbs

If you’re going to make a bowl, you need to grind your bud first. Take a weed grinder and fill it with a couple of buds. Grind them until they’re medium-fine consistency. If you don’t have a grinder, you can use your fingers or small scissors, but the result won’t be as good.

Fill water

Begin with rinsing your bong. You should focus on the mouth part, as it is the part you get in contact with. Now fill water in the bong while ensuring that the level of water stays below the side mouth.

If you want extra length, you can add the percolators. This will make more smoke, and the smoke will be cooled comparatively down as it travels through that extra length while you drag it through the mouth, but you have to have a good breath hold for it.


The next step is filling your pipe with marijuana. Pack it down firmly so that there is no space between the tobacco and the sides of the bowl. Then tamp it down lightly and evenly to firm but not tight enough to create air pockets between puffs.


The first thing you’ll want to do is tilt the lighter horizontally, and position the flame at the edge of the bowl. But remember, don’t hold the lighter too close to the bowl. If you hold it too close, you’ll burn away all of your herb in just a few hits!

You can make your cannabis last even longer by using a hemp wick instead of a regular lighter. Hemp wicks are made from all-natural materials, and they produce an incredibly clean burn that won’t leave any ash or soot behind.

Final experience

You are almost ready to inhale. By this point, the bowl should be lit, and the smoke must be rising. The goal is to fill your lungs, but don’t inhale too quickly or all at once. Instead, take your time and gradually fill up your lungs. This will help prevent coughing and keep you from getting overwhelmed.

Many people still don’t know that you can get various kinds of cool bongs for under 100 dollars, but now, you know. Online head shops also offer items at discounted prices, free shipping, bundle offers, etc., so you can save even more money in the process.