The most played Raise a Floppa game has several questions. We are therefore presenting the following article: A Time Cube Floppa Raise that will provide all the information you need on this page.

Do you enjoy playing Roblox games? Have you heard about Roblox’s Raise a Floppa game? What part that prefer most? The game is now available again. The players around the worldgot at ease after returning to the game.

Do you have an idea of what will happen when you own a Time Cube? If not, let’s talk about the Floppa time Cube Raiseand explore ways to proceed and create an actual time cube.

A brief overview of the beginning for the game

The Raise A Floppa game is now a favorite of players within no time and has over 71k players. However, many players were disappointed last week after their top sport, Raise a Floppa, was removed. One Twitter user posted a story about the game. The positive news is that the game is returning with updates and players can make use of this by incorporating it in their tweets.

How to get Raise a Floppa Mysterious Orb?

Mysterious Orb aids to let in another dimension, that’s the floppa-dimension. This is why it’s an upgrade to the game. If you own it, it creates an orb that is located in the middle of your home.

But buying the Mysterious Orb is going to cost an Time Cube. This means that you’ll receive”home” instead of the “home” ending. Do you also think about whether you know what Time Cube is and how do you access it? We’ve addressed your concerns in the next section.

What is Time Cube?

You’ve figured out that you require the Time Cube for Mysterious Orb. However, you’ll need a Time Cube to access Time Machine. An Floppa The Time Cube to play the game, is form of cube that assists players in obtaining items in the game.

How can I obtain Time Cube?

Here are the methods to earn Time Cube:


When you can get Time Cube using Backrooms, you will survive. Therefore, in order to obtain Time Cube in Backroom, you must escape without ever dying.

OG Floppa:

Another way to use Time cubes could be OG Floppa. You can climb to OG Floppa if you have 100% confidence on the Altar. You have to beat OG Floppa’s Obby to get an Floppa time cube raise within the contest. The first step is to start a new conversation with OF Floppa who will take you directly to your home.

Brief on Roblox’s Raise the Floppa:

The Raise of the Floppa is an online game developed by Floppa#1 of Roblox. The game launched on the 26th of March, 2022 and has had a huge following since the first day of its launch. Additionally, the game has 6.1 million+ visits, and 153,602 people have marked it as their top.


The raise the Floppa game was extremely very popular in the space of a month. The game was removed however, thankfully, it is back and we’ve provided you with the information on the Floppa Time Cube. Additionally, you can take part in with the Raise a Floppa game in HTML2by clicking this page. In addition , check out the details on Roblox Generators here.

Do you have an OG Floppa? Tell us your experiences and thoughts regarding this game.