A detailed comparison of EMR;Centricity Vs. Kareo

Both products provide essential EMR functions,Centricity EMR has online customer support, automated scheduling, and an employee database. Kareo includes features like billing & invoicing compliance and barcode scanning.

What is Centricity EMR Software?

GE Healthcare developed Centricity EMR. It provides evidence-based guidelines at the point of care and supports the results-based reimbursement model. It also allows clinicians to benchmark their clinical outcomes against their peers, supporting the results-based reimbursement model. This electronic medical record software also enables physicians to improve their practice efficiency and patient care coordination. The software is certified by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and CCHIT.


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Features of centricity Emr Software

Appointment Management

Make appointments, monitor patients at risk, and monitor specialty examination rooms and equipment. Scheduling is handled virtually entirely to automate the quantity of space and equipment used while also reducing non-shows by sending reminders to patients.


Allows doctors to submit prescription refills to pharmacists while searching for drug-to-drug or drug-to allergy interactions dependent on the diagnosis of the patient and the current medication. It reduces the chance of medication errors and facilitates the tracking of medications.

Payment Management

This helps in billing and payments by automatically sending invoices and payment reminders to patients. The claims are scrubbed clean of any code errors before they are submitted, which results in higher rates of first-time acceptance and quicker reimbursement.

Handwriting/Voice Recognition

Utilize software for voice and writing to help make charting and report-making easy and fast. Users can use the real-world language instead of specific codes because the software adjusts to the user’s style of practice.

What is Kareo Emr Software?

In addition to tracking patient records and monitoring payments, Kareo can connect to your insurance company in real-time. The system even allows you to determine if your patient has the correct insurance. Patients can even get their prescriptions on their phones. With its built-in messenger, you can easily communicate with other medical practitioners and insurance companies. It means less paperwork and time wasted on phone calls. Here are some of the essential features of Kareo.

With Kareo EMR software, you can verify patients’ insurance coverage before arriving for an appointment. You can also capture charges after encounters end with tools in the billing dashboard. Once a meeting ends, Kareo can send an auto-generated statement to each patient and follow up with payment reminders via email, text, and postal mail. Kareo Patient Collect lets you follow up on patient payments with automated email and postal mail reminders.

Features of Kareo Emr Software

The e-prescription feature of Kareo EMR makes it easy to prescribe medications to patients. It shows the list of active medications with a pop-up box for each. Patients can choose to refill, terminate, or add a new prescription to the list, and it flags any potential interactions or allergic reactions. The system can send the drug directly to the Canadian Pharmacy Online of the patient’s choice. It also includes a messenger so that physicians and patients can communicate with each other.

They customized the dashboard to suit the individual needs of each user. The system allows users to create productivity rules and track patient information. There are also tools for reporting and analysis that help medical professionals to manage patient billing. These features make it easier to keep track of patient information, improve staff productivity, and maintain patient records. This medical software even works with mobile devices so that users can be productive on the go.

Features overview of kareo and centricity EMRs

To decide which EHR software is better for your practice, compare the key features of each one. Both Kareo and Centricity have their strong points and their weak points. Kareo is the more popular EHR among small practices used by more than 50,000 doctors and healthcare professionals. But its interface is quite outdated and is not designed for extensive courses. Centricity, on the other hand, is suited to mid-sized practices.

Moreover, the latter is easier to learn and use. Its basic customization options and customer service are great for mid-sized practices. Besides, the software is also affordable and is suitable for small and mid-sized practices.

The main difference between Kareo and Centricity is the number of modules offered. Kareo offers a robust suite of products and functions. It is also one of the easiest EHRs on the market. It is a web-based system that streamlines all the billing processes, including insurance billing, scheduling patients, prescribing medications, and charting. It is especially suitable for small and mid-sized practices.


Reviews shows both products have the same basic reporting capabilities, the Centricity EMR provides additional features such as automated scheduling, a patient database, and online customer support. Other features include multi-location support and e-prescribing. Kareo offers billing and invoicing compliance and barcode scanning.

While Kareo and Centricity have excellent features, some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the billing and scheduling features. While Kareo’s billing system is easy to use, many users have reported being billed for unused services while using the demo version. In addition, Kareo lumps scanned documents together. Regardless of your decision, both Kareo and Centricity are capable of meeting your practice’s needs.

 Cost and demo

You can get more idea about the softwares once you ask for the live and free demo.The vendor does not openly share the exact pricing, like many top-rated EMR software in the market. you can request a price quote by clicking on the ‘Get Pricing’ Button

Conclusive Comparison

Comparing Kareo and Centricity EMR systems can be a daunting task. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice can be difficult. There are many different factors to consider, such as the size of your practice, operating system platform, and budget. While both are excellent choices for the proper practice, there are some similarities between the two. Both allow you to track clinical patient outcomes and enable patients to access their medical work, making them excellent choices for any practice.

The pricing of Centricity EMR is not publicly available, and Kareo does not share it. It is rated eight on a scale of 1 to 10, which is higher than the average Medical software price. Kareo, on the other hand, starts at $150 per provider per month plus 4%-9% collections. Its prices are also lower than the average cost of Medical software, so this can be a good option for smaller practices.

Final words

If you’re planning to purchase an EMR system for your medical practice, it isn’t easy to decide which one is the best. Many factors to consider, such as operating system platform, budget, and practice size. But both NextGen and Centricity offer similar features, including tracking clinical patient outcomes and allowing patients to access their medical work. Which of these two EMR systems is right for you? Read more to discover how each can improve your practice’s efficiency.

Kareo and Centricity are compatible with Windows programs. designed to work with Mac OS, Windows, and Linux, making them better for smaller practices. Both products have their strengths and weaknesses, but Kareo is the better option if you’re looking for a flexible EMR system that works for small and large practices. Aside from being a good choice for small practices, both products are suitable for medium-sized practices.