The pandemic has redefined how we travel. There is a lot to keep in mind before planning a trip to a new city. It might sound overwhelming, but all you need is some guidance. So here are some tips to help you stay safe during your pandemic travel plans. 

Don’t Ignore The Pandemic 

Even if you’re vaccinated and in good health, it’s still important to stay updated about the COVID-19 happenings in your area. If you are traveling from a COVID-19 hotspot, there’s a good chance that the passenger sitting adjacent to you in the plane, train, or bus might be infected. So, make sure you take your precautions to avoid any breakthrough infections. 

Assess The Situation At Your Destination 

When you’re doing your research about your destination, don’t forget to check the infection rate as well. If you are traveling within the US, you can easily find an area’s positivity rate on the local public health department website. 

Also, check if there are any entry requirements based on vaccination status. You can also consider calling your hotel. Hotels like Kasa Living will be happy to give you more information about the condition at your destination and provide you with safe and convenient accommodation. 

Check About Testing 

If you or your travel partners haven’t received the vaccine yet, you will probably have to take a COVID-19 test a couple of days before leaving. You might also have to take a test while returning from your travel. So, you must check the accessibility of testing facilities in your destination.  

Choose Your Mode Of Travel 

Are you someone who’s at high risk of severe COVID-19 because of age and pre-existing ailments? Are you someone who’s yet to receive their vaccination? If yes, then it’s advised that you consider driving to your destination to limit interactions with other people. 

Traveling by plane is also considered safe since most airlines strictly follow the CDC guidelines. You should be extra vigilant if you plan to travel by bus because the ventilation systems might not be that good.  

Be Careful While Eating Out 

If you have a compromised immune system or you haven’t been immunized yet, you should avoid dining in restaurants and prefer getting takeout when traveling. In most major cities in the US, regulations mandate that restaurants and eateries only allow vaccinated people inside. So, make sure you get vaccinated before traveling to enjoy the destination better.  

Avoid Crowded Indoor Spaces

If the vaccination rates are low in your destination, try to avoid indoor spaces crammed with people. If you are on vacation, there might be activities that you would want to do, like going to theme parks or karaoke cafes. But experts advise that it’s best to skip going to such places for now and opt for low-risk activities. 

Don’t Let Your Guard Down

You’re vaccinated, and you’re on vacation. It’s easy to become careless during these times. But you must stay vigilant regardless of where you are and how much fun you’re having. 

Keep following the good old advice of CDC – wash hands regularly and maintain distance even when you’re frolicking in a water park or hanging with old friends.   

Check With Your Travel Group

You are in perfect health, but you might have travel buddies who are unvaccinated or at high risk of infection. Make sure you chat with all the members of your travel group about their vaccination status and health situation. This will help you make proper arrangements if there’s vulnerability to COVID-19 in your group. 

Final Word

Planning a trip to a new city during the pandemic is all about evaluating your personal risk tolerance for COVID-19 and acting accordingly. We hope that our tips help you plan your trip with confidence.