8 Best Places to Visit in Russia

Russia is the largest nation in the world, belonging to Asia and Europe. The first things that come to your mind when it comes to this country are likely its magnificent architecture, untouched nature, freezing weather, and vodka, but also enigmatic politicians.

Russia boasts cities with vibrant cultures and rich histories, moving art, and warm people. It also offers the charming beauty of the countryside and exciting winter sports. 

Although the war has taken its toll on this country and its people, it still has numerous beautiful places to offer to its visitors when the right time comes. Until then, all you can do is plan your trip and wait for some better times. And to help you with your planning, we have compiled a list of the eight best places to visit in Russia.


Moscow is a stunning city boasting magnificent architecture, nature, and rich culture. Visiting Moscow’s city center is a must if you want to experience the magic Kremlin has to offer. There, you’ll also find stunning St. Basil’s Cathedral and Red Square.

Moscow is full of museums where you can see more about its history and culture, such as the Puskin Museum and the Kremlin Armory Museum. But if you’re more into art than history, the State Tretyakov Gallery is worth visiting. And if you love theater, make sure to visit the Bolshoi Theater, one of the biggest opera and ballet theaters worldwide.

There’s also something for all the shopaholics out there – Stary Arbat is a street loaded with shops, but you need to prepare yourself for an active day full of walking. Also, you will want to learn how to buy Russian Rubles before heading straight to your shopping spree to avoid any inconveniences.

Another thing tourists love about Moscow is its metro stations adorned with chandeliers made of crystals and beautiful mosaics that will make you feel like you’re in a fairytale.

Lake Baikal

Located in south-eastern Siberia, Lake Baikal is arguably the most exciting place in this country. The world’s deepest and oldest lake dates back over 25 million years and is around 1,700 m deep. It’s also the world’s largest freshwater lake.

If you want to experience immeasurable natural beauty and mountains covered in snow, don’t miss Lake Baikal. There, you can also run into different animals and see magnificent flora. All you need to do is hike around and feed your senses.


Located in the Ural Mountains, Yekaterinburg has many things to offer to its visitors. However, this industrial city is famous for the executions of Tsar Nicholas and his family in 1918 when Russian Revolution took its place.

Despite its dark past, this city boasts many theaters, libraries, and museums where you can soak in its rich culture. The rock scene is also strong here, so if you’re up for some rock’n’roll, head straight to Yekaterinburg. 


Located in the Caucasus Mountains on the black sea, this coastal city has been a popular vacation place for Russians. However, it became famous worldwide only after the Olympics in 2014.

While this town becomes a perfect swimming area in summer, during winter, you can enjoy fun activities like skiing. Some of the most famous tourist spots in this city are Mount Akhun, Stalin’s Dacha, Vorontsovska Caves, and Riviera Doplharium, offering something for everyone.

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg offers beautiful art and designs and intriguing history for all mystery lovers out there. The city doesn’t lack scenic views either, and every part of it boasts enchanting infrastructure.

St. Petersburg is a perfect place to visit if you want to discover the lavish constructions from the Tsarist era. Not only that, this city is loaded with outstanding cathedrals, magnificent gardens, and classical sculptures.

And if you want to experience its beauty from another angle, take a boat tour through one of its canals and enjoy.


Sitting in southern Siberia, Altai is arguably the most stunning Russian region. Nature there is beautiful because it’s not damaged. Filled with hot springs, glaciers, and glacial lakes, this place is perfect for anyone who seeks natural beauty and health.

So, if you’re ready for some hiking and exploring, head to Altai and enjoy everything it has to offer.

The Russian Tundra

Existing only in or around the Arctic Circle, the tundra is a biome where the weather is so cold that trees can’t survive. Only shrubs, moss, and specific grasses can grow there and withstand harsh winters. In tundra, the ground is frozen all year round, but in some areas, it does melt in summer. That’s when streams and marshes form, resulting in stunning patches of icy water full of colors.

Here, you may come across polar bears, gray wolves, seals, and certain types of birds. This is one of the reasons ecotourism has been exploding recently in this area, with visitors having a chance to explore eco-friendly routes and educate themselves about the environment.

If you’re planning to visit the Russian tundra, make sure to visit Murmansk. From here, you can catch breathtaking views or a tour to experience the Northern Lights.


Located in the beautiful peninsula, Petropavlovsk is surrounded by mountains covered in snow and majestic volcanoes, offering breathtaking views to enjoy.

The seafront of this city is loaded with remarkable buildings depicting its rich history, making the city one of the favorite spots for history enthusiasts.

Russia Awaits You

Now you know some of the best places to visit in Russia. As you can see, this country has a lot to offer to different types of tourists. Full of natural beauty, rich culture, and history, Russia is a place like no other. It has the power to attract people from all walks of life and fascinate them despite its dark past and present.

If you’re up for some of the most magical landscapes, stunning architecture, snow-covered mountains, and enchanting art, Russia is a place to be. However, for your own safety, it’s wise to wait until the conflict between Russia and Ukrania settles before traveling to this majestic country.