8 Ball Hero

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Introduce about 8 Ball Hero

8 Ball Hero is an extremely attractive sports game, developed by First Touch Games. Surely you do not feel strange to this developer, they are based in Oxford, England, specializing in developing sports games. Some of their games are storming the gaming community like Score! Match, Score! Hero…

Billiards is a sport that uses sticks to hit the billiard balls that move around the table covered with rubber cushions. This sport has great appeal and is popular all over the world. Currently, this game has been organized into many major tournaments. So you want to try to experience the feeling of a professional player when participating in the big tournament? This game will help your dreams come true. It will help you to transform into the players who cherish the desire to become the best player in the world.

8 balls pool rule

Billiards have many rules but mostly 8 balls and 9 balls. Each competition has its own set of rules and 9 balls are very demanding skills. On the table there are only 9 balls arranged in a diamond shape, two players must give valid shots to avoid making mistakes. It is the player who must touch the cue ball to touch the number with a valid self-ball number. The last to win the 9th ball is the final winner.

However, 8 Ball Hero is a game about 8 ball format. On the table, there are a total of 15 balls arranged in a triangle. The first shot is called ball-breaking. If you win one ball in this shot, you get one more turn and vice versa. And of course, you must not push the 8th ball into the hole without winning all of your balls, the person who won the 8th ball first will be the winner.

New gameplay

8 Ball Hero is a billiard game with a new style that is a puzzle. Meaning you will be sorted into a specific situation like Score! Hero. You will have to think your moves to complete the requirements of the game and win.

Typically, a billiard match follows a 1 vs 1 format, unlike 8 Ball Hero. Typically such as 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip, Pool Billiards Pro by TerranDroid… all have the same gameplay that is 1 vs 1. Therefore, the game of First Touch Games is a new thing about in billiard games today. You will like it!

New features

8 Ball Hero has an interesting storyline, telling the story about a billiard player’s career since he was an amateur. As I said at the beginning, you will be put into a specific situation in a story and your task is to think of ways to accomplish the goals that the game requires. Therefore, your decision will affect the story, it all depends on what you do in the match.

Diversity in puzzles is also not to be missed. Not only playing in your homeland, but you also have the opportunity to reach out to the world to compete with top players. Once you have won a national tournament, you will be transferred to compete in another country. You are the representative of your country. Try to win trophies, badges for your homeland.

This game also has some other interesting features such as customizing your character. You can create a character with unique styles, unlike anyone. As a top billiard player, style is also an important factor. Not only that, the game allows you to sync data. Just log in and connect to Facebook, you can save your game data. If you change devices or delete games, you don’t need to start over from the beginning.


8 Ball Hero owns beautiful 3D graphics. The characters, billiard tables are made by extremely modern graphics technology. In addition, the sound and environment are very realistic and vivid. If compared to other billiard games, this is the game with the best graphics I’ve ever played.

MOD APK version of 8 Ball Hero

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money: The MOD version gives you a lot of money. You can buy everything you want.

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With me, 8 Ball Hero is truly a great game. If you want to find a billiard game with a new style of gameplay, this is the game you are looking for. Experience the world tour with quests competing with other players. Can you win the glory for your homeland? Hurry up and download the game to your phone and compete to become the champion billiard world.