Did you see the fiery accident on I-77 North Thursday morning? On Thursday morning, bad news came about a collision between a dump truck & an ODOT (Ohio Department of Transportation).

At 7:01 AM, the dump truck headed towards I-77 North collided with the ODOT vehicle in the northbound lanes. The highway technician sustained serious injuries after the explosion that followed the collision. The United States was concerned about the 77 North Accident.

Ground Reports about the Accident!

After a collision between two vehicles at 7:15 AM, several lanes of I-77 Summit County were closed. Following a collision between two vehicles, the ODOT vehicle struck the northbound dump truck. There was an explosion and crash.

According to the Sherriff, the dump truck headed north struck the ODOT vehicle on its side at 7 AM. The accident occurred just a few miles from Akron Canton Airport, Green, United States.

After the collision, both vehicles caught on fire and exploded. Rescue teams arrived on the scene and rescued both drivers. They then transferred them to the hospital.

What caused the North Accident to occur?

Both drivers were taken to the hospital by deputies and first responders at the accident site. Although the dump truck driver sustained serious injuries, they weren’t life-threatening. Gery Noirot, ODOT District 4 deputy director, said that other highway workers and technicians were also hurt.

According to CCTV footage, the dump truck driver was spotted veering off of the road and hitting the ODOT truck directly. The driver was not seen trying steer out of his vehicle to avoid the 77 North Accident. ODOT workers were picking up equipment and saw his truck collide with a dump truck headed north.

Investigative work is ongoing to determine what happened on that morning. An eyewitness stated that drivers now focus more on other things than driving on the roads.

Is there any causality in the accident?

According to Sherriff’s first reports, there has not been any causality reported following the collision. ODOT officers stated that it was miraculous for their employee to survive the collision and crash on Thursday morning.

Many people sustained serious injuries in the 77 North Accident. Both drivers sustained serious injuries and were taken to hospital. Highway workers were also taken to the hospital after suffering from injuries. The sheriff at the accident scene reported no causalities. To understand the details better, please read carefully.


On Thursday morning at 7:15 AM, a road accident caused traffic chaos by blocking several lanes. The road accident resulted in no injuries. ODOT employees and drivers sustained serious injuries in the 77 North Accident. A road accident occurred on Thursday morning.