Do you want to improve air quality and reduce humidity in your living space? If so, you must keep your air conditioning unit functioning properly.

The air conditioning unit circulates and filters the air, eliminating pollutants from the air. Also, working in conjunction with your dehumidifier, the AC unit removes warmth and moisture indoors.

This way you will have a cool and safe environment to relax and have a good time with your family. However, your AC unit might develop issues when least expected. In that case, you can call HVAC design services to design superior and efficient HVAC equipment.

However, not all issues with your AC conditioning call for the AC replacement. Some issues might require only minor repairs to have the unit functioning again.

But if AC replacement is needed, it’s important to have it done quickly. If you fail to do so, you and your loved ones might be forced to spend time in an unhealthy environment.

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So, how do you determine its time to have your AC replaced? If you have no idea, you are in the right place.

Here are the 7 telltale signs your home needs a new air conditioning unit

1. Air Conditioning Unit Is Blowing Warm Air

The purpose of having an air conditioner is to blow in cold air and create a conducive environment during the sweltering months of the year. But if you happen to turn on the AC unit and realize it’s blowing warm air, it is a sign something is wrong.

The issues could be due to clogs in the ductwork, restricting airflow. But this is not always the case. The issue could result from others malfunctions in your unit.

But as long as your unit is blowing warm air, it’s clear you need to call an expert and have it checked.

Apart from blowing warm air, you might notice the presence of poor air quality in your home. The presence of dust particles in your house signifies you are not getting quality air. Lack of quality air in your living space might lead to pollen and other pollutants entering your home.

If you have asthma and allergy reactions, they are likely to get worse when such pollutants invade your living space.

If your AC unit is blowing warm air and there are signs of poor air quality, you should have it replaced.

2. Build Up of Moisture

When AC units are running, it’s normal to have moisture build-up to some extent. But if the unit is functioning properly, it should easily handle such moisture levels.

But if there is too much humidity, it is a sign something is wrong with your AC unit. Chances are a leakage might be present around the AC. A refrigerant leak is a factor that can lead to moisture build-up in your home.

If your AC unit cannot get rid of moisture from your home, it’s a sign it’s not functioning properly. You should call an emergency hvac repair Phoenix expert and have it checked in such a case.

But ensure to hire an experienced, insured, and licensed expert only.

3. Strange Noises Indicates You Need AC Replacement

When your AC unit is functioning properly, it’s normal to have pop or whistle sounds. However, if you notice other strange and unfamiliar noises coming from the unit is an indication something is wrong.

If you hear squealing, grinding, or scraping noises coming from your unit, you need to be concerned. Such noises result when key components of the air conditioner are having an issue. Such components include the condenser, blower, or compressor.

The presence of debris in the unit and low refrigerant levels can also make the unit make strange noises.

If strange noises welcome you after turning your air conditioning on, it’s a clear sign you need to have it replaced.

4. Bad Smells

After purchasing a new AC unit, it’s normal to experience strange smells. However, such smells wear off over time, and all you experience is clean air and neutral smells.

But if you suddenly notice strange smells coming from the unit, something is not right. If you experience foul or smokey smells, your unit’s wire insulation might be burned out.

The presence of a musty smell might result from mold and mildew build-up in your unit. If you are welcomed by smoke and other signs of burning after turning your unit on, know your unit is on its way out.

To avoid facing a serious breakdown, you should get the AC unit replaced as soon as possible.

5. Higher Energy Bills

When your AC unit is functioning properly, energy bills are likely to remain within a given range every month. But if your energy bills increase gradually, it’s a sign your AC could be the cause.

Old and malfunctioning AC units have to consume a lot of energy to keep your home cool. This will definitely result in high energy bills. Various factors can make your unit consume more energy apart from age.

A leak in the duct is a key factor in making your unit use more energy. If you have to lower your Thermostat more often while it’s not getting hotter outside, it’s a sign you need to have the AC replaced.

6. The Air Conditioner Doesn’t Respond Properly to the Thermostat

When your AC unit is functioning properly, the Thermostat tells it when to switch on and off. If the Thermostat is not functioning properly, some house areas will be warmer than others.

This is likely to happen when the AC unit switches on and off at the wrong intervals. The air conditioner might not switch on when the temperatures get hotter in some instances.

A tripped breaker or a blown a fuse can make the Thermostat misbehave. But in some instances, the cause of the thermostat malfunction might be serious issues with your AC. In such a case, it’s better to have it checked by an expert.

If serious issues make the Thermostat fail, have the AC unit replaced.

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7. Frequent and Expensive Repairs

Age will still catch up with your AC unit despite how well you maintain it. Chances are Ac components will keep on malfunctioning one after the other.

This means you will keep on scheduling regular repairs for the unit. If you find some of the components get faulty soon after being repaired, it’s a sign the repairs are not doing you any good.

It shall just be a waste of your money and effort. If your AC units warranty has expired and your AC unit keeps on requesting expensive regular repairs, it’s a sign you need to have it replaced.

Benefits of Replacing Your AC Unit

Now that you know the signs that indicate you need to replace your AC, do you know the benefits of having it replaced?

If not, here are some of them:

Fewer Repair Bills

An AC unit that is on the verge of collapsing keeps on needing regular costly repairs. Even though such repairs might have the unit running again, chances are it will keep failing frequently.

But if you purchase a new AC, very few repairs will be needed, if any, over the coming years. This will save you from hefty bills. Besides, you will have peace of mind knowing your AC will not fail soon.

Improved Air Quality

If your AC is quite old and the warranty has expired, chances are it’s not functioning as efficiently as it used to. This means it will not circulate and filter the air as it’s supposed to.

This might lead to dust particles and humidity accumulating, affecting air quality. But a new AC will have all the components functioning efficiently: leading to proper air circulation and filtering.

A Chance to Resize Your Unit

The right size of AC unit you should purchase should not be dictated by budget only. You should also pay attention to the AC’s power and energy efficiency.

If your current AC’s power does not match your home needs, you have not been ripping the maximum benefits of having an AC. Not to mention if you have been using an energy-inefficient AC, your bills have been extremely high.

Luckily when replacing your AC unit, you have the chance to do an upgrade. You can install an energy-efficient AC unit that matches your home’s cooling needs.

These Are Signs That Your Home Need a New Air Conditioning Unit 

If not replaced on time, an AC unit will cost you more money with repairs, and you risk facing a dangerous breakdown. But if you know the signs that indicate it’s time to have an AC replacement, you can avoid such a scenario.

Read the above tips and discover the 7 telltale signs that show your home needs AC replacement.

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