Are you looking for great cities to visit in the UK? Well, Durham should be at the top of your list. It is located close to Newcastle airport and you can easily connect to the rest of the country through train or coach. It is a renowned University city, definitely worth a visit on your next UK trip. If you do decide to go then why not book at My Hotel Break Durham.

Here are some of the top attractions of the city that you must visit. 

1. Durham Castle 

There is no proper introduction to the city other than Durham castle. It was built in the 11th century and is a Norman castle that is currently in use by University College students. Durham Castle is a working building so you can only visit inside on guided tours. Take the time to sign up for one of the tours to learn how the castle has been in operation over the years. 

Even better, you will have more information about Durham. The tours are available every day so you have a lot of opportunities to see what is being offered. If you don’t have time to step inside the castle, the views around it are spectacular and you can take outstanding photos all the same. 

2. Durham Cathedral 

Located next to the Durham Castle, Durham Cathedral is a renowned World Heritage Site. Construction started in 1093 but the history of the cathedral can be traced back in history to Anglo-Saxon times. The cathedral has gone through a turbulent past which is clearly evident in the walls.

It is a treasure trove of history buffs everywhere. Durham Cathedral is a piece of architecture and one of the most stunning buildings in Europe. Every year, the cathedral records more than 600,000 people going through the doors as tourists and worshippers. 

3. Crook Hall And Gardens 

If you are looking for something quaint to see in Durham, Crook Hall and Gardens should be your top choice. It is a 13th century stone manor house that comes with renowned English gardens. The Crook Hall and Gardens is a spectacular sight to help you escape from your busy day. It is one of the oldest inhabited houses in Durham. It is now home to the Bell family who is always welcoming to tourists. 

When you look through the beautiful gardens and architecture, you can enjoy delightful afternoon tea at the Garden Gate Café onsite. You can also book accommodation at Crook Hall and enjoy the self-catering apartments where you can wallow in the beauty of the gardens from your own bedroom window. 

4. Durham University Botanical Garden 

It is located in the city’s outskirts standing in 25 acres of mature woodland. The Durham University Botanical Garden takes up about 10 hectares with plants from different countries such as Japan, China, North America, New Zealand, South Africa and Chile. You can also enjoy the beautiful monkey puzzle tree and woodland garden as well as the bamboo grove and the alpine garden.

 Whether you are visiting alone or with family, there is something for everyone. You can use the spotter sheets to identify the wildlife in the garden. You will always find something spectacular to catch your eye, whether it’s the ancient flora, tropical bugs or the glasshouses to maintain the exotic plants. 

5. Greenery 

Yes, there is too much to see in Durham and very little time. Well, you can try out a few outdoor things such as the Durham Riverside Walk that takes you through a 3-mile circular route throughout the city. Even better, try the East Durham Coast to get some fresh air. Don’t forget Seaham Beach which is a sandy beach with smooth sea glass. You can also visit the Hall Hill Farm if you want a more hands-on experience to learn about farming and feeding baby animals.

6. Museums 

Start your museum tour in Durham with the Oriental Museum where you can enjoy displays from Asia and Northern Africa. Whether it’s the seasonal displays or permanent exhibits or the events showing Indian Music or Chinese New Year, there is always something to enjoy. Durham Museum explores Durham’s history from Medieval times to today.

Go through every piece of memorabilia to learn more about what the city has to offer. After soaking up all the knowledge, you can sit and relax in the café.