When you’re hiring someone, you don’t want to just look at their abilities and qualifications. You want to understand their personality and how it will work in your company. To do this, you need to ask some interview questions. Here are some great interview questions to ask when you’re hiring.

What is their management style?

Management style is a personal preference, but it’s important to make sure your prospective employee is a good fit with your company. For example, if you’re in an industry where customer service is key, you might want to hire someone who has a more people-oriented management style.

What are their long-term goals?

Some people are looking for a job where they can settle and work for the rest of their life. Others are more interested in working with a company to help them grow and gain experience. Ask them what their long-term goals are, so you can see if they’ll be a good fit for your company.

Why did they leave their last job?

This is a great interview question to ask because it will help you understand their work history. You want to make sure they didn’t leave on bad terms, or that they’re looking for something that might be better suited for them. You may hear about the culture of their last company and how it differs from yours. This is good to know so you can cater your interview accordingly. It may also give you an idea of what kind of management style they prefer, which will help you determine if hiring them would be a good fit for your company culture.

How do they handle conflict?

Conflict is inevitable. In fact, it’s a good thing because it gives you the opportunity to get along well with people who don’t share your values. When you interview someone, ask them how they handle conflict. You want to know if they are able to maintain composure when there’s a disagreement or if they take conflict as an opportunity to cause problems and stop working altogether.

The way someone handles conflict is usually a sign of what will happen once they join your company. A person who can’t handle disagreements in the workplace could become disruptive, which would affect the productivity of everyone around them.

Can they see themselves working for you?

One of the most important interview questions to ask is whether or not they can see themselves working for you. In this question, you’re asking them what it would be like to work for your company. You want to make sure that they’re thinking about your company in a positive light and that they think it would be fun to work there. It’s also valuable because it helps you understand their expectations. You want them to be happy and satisfied with the position so that they stay longer and produce better results.


Successful interviewing is more than just asking the right interview questions. It’s about being able to make a connection with your candidate and get a sense of their values and goals. And remember, every interview is a two-way street. When you’re interviewing someone, you’re not just evaluating them. You’re also evaluating if you have a good match for your company. Before hiring an employee employer-mandated drug tests should be done.

The best way to find the right fit for your company is to be transparent about what you’re looking for, what the job entails, and what you expect from your employees. If the person you’re interviewing shares your values, you’ll know it. And that’s when you know it’s time to make an offer.