It’s that time again: time to plan another great vacation. This time, you’re considering a trip to Wisconsin. Sure, Wisconsin might not seem like a popular place for tourists, but that’s what makes it so desirable.

You won’t have to worry about waiting in long lines for attractions or being stuck in hours’ worth of traffic. Plus, Wisconsin has a lot of great sights to see and places to explore, but shh, don’t tell anyone. You don’t want to give away your new secret weekend getaway spot.

What are some great things to do in Wisconsin? As you’re in the stages of your vacation planning, it’s ideal to know about some of the best places to go and things to see so you can plan it all! In the guide below, we’ve put together a list of all these places.

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1. Explore the Cave of the Mounds

Do you love exploring the depths of cool caves? All around the world there’s a variety of stunning caves buried deep underground, just waiting for you to explore. Wisconsin is home to one of those caves called the Caves of Mounds.

This cave is on the list of National Natural Landmarks and is a must-see for anyone who loves exploring everything nature has to offer us. The cave is full of stalagmites and stalactites, but it’s known for its outstanding limestone rock formations. These formations come in a variety of colors and shapes, but each one is vibrant and a sight to see.

Add this landmark to your list of places to see!

2. Make a Stop at Bookworm Gardens

If you’re bringing children along with you, or if you’re still a kid yourself at heart, then you’ll want to make a stop at Bookworm Gardens. Bookworm Gardens is one of the more unique things to do while in Wisconsin. It’s also a place that children and adults alike will enjoy.

The garden is full of exciting and vibrant displays which all make references to many different children’s books. It’s a garden inspired by literature and has a hope to inspire others as well. The space doesn’t have wifi and would rather its visitors read a book, listen to music, create art, or explore nature.

You’ll find quite a bit of fun interactive activities here as well, such as alphabet searches and digging for worms. Be sure to look up the classes, workshops, tours, and camps before heading here.

3. Visit the Harley Davidson Museum

Are you a passionate motorcycle enthusiast? If you love Harley Davidson, then you must visit the Harley Davidson Museum. You’ll find this museum in the downtown area of Milwaukee.

The complex is around 20 acres and consists of three large buildings. Once you step foot into the museum, you’ll find over 450 classic motorcycles. You’ll also get to view thousands of different Harley Davidson artifacts.

There are also a few different interactive displays, so be prepared to have some fun. Once you’re done exploring the museum, be sure to stop and eat at the restaurant on site.

4. Stay at Adeline’s House of Cool

One of the first things you’ll need to look at when planning your Wisconsin vacation is where you’re going to stay. What type of accommodations are you interested in? There are many great places to stay in Wisconsin, but you’ll want to look into Adeline’s House of Cool.

This vacation house rental hosts 6 bedrooms and a hot tub the size of a small pool! The house also has everything you’d need for an extended stay if desired. For example, the house offers a full kitchen with utensils, a dining room, laundry facilities, multiple fireplaces, a large outdoor fire pit, clean linens, and much more fun features as well.

Here, you also have access to your own private pier and channel access to Lake Puckaway. When vacationing with the family, this is the place to stay.

5. Roam The Historic Third World

Do you love roaming historic downtowns or villages? There’s something interesting and fascinating about exploring historic towns. It’s interesting to see how things were many years ago and still walk the streets and touch the walls that many people long before you did.

If you’re a history buff or someone who just loves to explore historic sites, then you must visit the Historic Third World. It’s located in Milwaukee and takes up 10 square blocks. There are also more than 70 historic buildings here.

While exploring, you’ll discover many different shops, studios, galleries, restaurants, and other businesses. There will also be a variety of events to stick around for, so be sure to know the schedule.

6. Take a Trip to the Wisconsin State Capitol

The Wisconsin State Capitol is a must-see as long as you’re going to be in the state. The capitol is located in Madison and the 1917 building is a National Historic Landmark. The building’s design is elegant and is home to more than 40 different kinds of fossils all set in the stone of the building’s structure.

When visiting, you’ll also find beautiful pieces of artwork, murals, handmade furniture, and an observation deck that opens during the summer.

Keep This List of Things to Do in Wisconsin Handy

Are you ready to plan your visit to Wisconsin? If so, then make sure to keep this list of things to do in Wisconsin nearby. Who knew Wisconsin had so many wonderful, interesting, and fun things to do and see? Who knows, it might just become your new favorite travel destination. To find more travel topics and a few other topics as well, continue to visit us on a regular basis!