Sometimes it can be hard to get out of bed in the morning, let alone set up an entire routine focused on wellness and being healthy. If you are looking to incorporate health-minded practices into your life but don’t know where to start, take it one step at a time. Slowly integrating some, or all, of the following concepts into your life can be a rewarding platform for establishing sustainable wellness.

1. Establish the Basics

There are some things that you simply can’t avoid if you want to live a healthy life. When doing any kind of research on positive habits, you will typically come across the basic practices that are considered the baseline for thriving lifestyles. First, as Harvard Health will tell you, getting enough sleep is crucial for your brain function and feeling your best. Aim to get at least seven to eight hours each night. Second, try your best to eat right and drink enough water. While life is all about balance, focusing on cooking at home most of the time rather than eating out can cut down on your intake of processed foods that are high in fats and sodium. Third, a little exercise can go a long way. According to the CDC, each adult should be finding thirty minutes a day, five days a week to move their body.

2. Get Personal

Once you have established a base for your practices and are looking to move further, consider trying out personalized services that are tailored to your goals. With the popularity of personalization rising in the health and beauty industry, there are now many options for things like individually designed haircare or personalized vitamins. Finding products or supplements that are meant just for you can not only make the process more fun, but they can help you to support your individual goals rather than targeting the same areas for everyone.

3. Branch Out

If you feel bored with your current routines, branching out and trying something new can make exercise or mediation feel exciting again. There are many modalities that can be taken as a class in a group setting, such as yoga, pilates, or even things like aerial acrobatics. Additionally, there are many free guided meditations available on music platforms and Youtube. Keeping things fresh and being willing to step outside your comfort zone can open you up to new possibilities and keep things from feeling stale.

4. Decorate With Purpose

One underrated area of feeling your best is making sure that the space around you matches the type of mood or energy you are after. Having a cluttered or dark space could clash with a bright and organized attitude, making some of your other habits feel diluted by the negative environment. If home renovations don’t seem within your budget, look into small DIY projects that can help you to feel more at peace. Decorating with some of your favorite artwork or photos of your loved ones are also quick ways to help you feel more at home in your surroundings.

5. Strive for Authenticity

At the end of the day, the healthiest version of you can only be reached if you are being true to yourself. Striving to be authentic in your everyday life may not seem like a. Consider what is important to you and how you can bring those values into practice in the decisions you make each day. Being yourself is not easy for some people, but it is something worth working towards at every possible opportunity.