When things are going well, we may rejoice, but when things go wrong, it can be challenging to keep a smile on our faces—unless we learn how to be a bit more Zen during our day-to-day life. Consider these tips below that can help you face your days a little bit more calmly: 

Have tea time

Something that can be both beneficial in its calming nature but also for the actual ingredients it provides is stress relief tea. A natural concoction, you’ll find that it can allow you to feel more relaxed, both because of the effects on your body, but also the act of sitting quietly while sipping tea. 

If you don’t have a routine that you enjoy after a stressful day, consider making tea time a daily habit that allows you to transition from a tough workday to a calm evening where the difficulties of the day stay far away from your mind. 

Start your day with meditation

Meditation is a helpful tool for practicing the art of calming your mind and while it is commonly known to be challenging to do, if you can start practicing meditation, you may find it very beneficial. Whether you take meditation classes or you use a meditation app to guide you, there are different ways to start trying this practice that can bring more Zen vibes to your life than anything else. 

Learn to breathe

When something stressful happens in your day, from a fender-bender to a long line at the store, instead of letting your body enter into panic mode, breathe. When you learn how to practice calm breathing that allows you to center yourself and feel calm, it will make it so much easier for you to deal with anything that comes your way—including the worst possible scenarios. 

The Wim Hof method of breathing has helped many people learn to control their breath, as well as their mood, but there are plenty of online apps that can help you practice controlled breathing as well. 

Consider your surroundings

If you have control over your surroundings, such as a work-from-home office, you can set up your space to be a calm environment. From incorporating pieces that help you feel good to using color combinations that lend themselves to a peaceful mind, make sure your interior décor and setup is designed with Zen feelings in mind. 

Whether you work with a professional interior decorator or set up your home yourself, make sure it’s a place that you want to be in. 

Incorporate exercise into your daily routine

Stress can make us all wound up and on edge, so that when difficult experiences come up, we find it hard to stay calm. This is when having some type of exercise routine can be helpful. 

Whether this looks like yoga or a run, whatever gets your body moving and heart pumping can be useful for calming your nerves and feeling more Zen in your day. We should all have an exercise routine that really helps us release tension, but that may look like something different for every person. What’s the routine that makes you “sweat it out?” 

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In Conclusion

Living a Zen life isn’t something that happens magically. You have to work for calmness. However, when you achieve it, it’s more than worth it. Feeling more relaxed when challenging things come up is a way to live a happier life, so consider these tips mentioned above to help you live more calmly. You’ll be glad you did. After all, we only have one life, so let’s try to live it more calmly whenever possible.