Powder coating is vital in protecting metals in machinery and industrial automobiles. You get the most from powder coating when you understand your needs. This also means finding the right equipment to provide the coating service. A powder coating gun is what you need to get or provide the best coating services for industrial use. Note that choosing the right gun is a step closer to achieving your objectives. Look out for the following things in a powder-coated gun.


Where and how you plan to do the powder coating determines its application and matters when looking for the right gun make the market. Note that you can either use an electrostatically charged or compressed gun for your needs. You should also note that powder-coated guns differ in designs depending on their application. It is important to understand the materials and industrial applications when looking for the right gun. Talk to experts to gather enough information and make proper decisions in the end.

Power Needs

Whether you consider electrostatically charged or compressed powder-coating guns for your industrial needs, you still need enough power to get the best results. The amount of electrical charge needed to power the gun is a vital factor to consider. This is crucial as it also influences the results in the long run. Most powder-coated guns have indicators to tell you about the power needs. You need higher power settings in a gun to get the best powder coating that results for your industrial use. Check and compare the power needs among different equipment in the market before deciding.

In order to achieve a fast, even, and reliable finish, professionals often use non skid coating

Air Flow and Power Volume

You need to perfectly balance the powder output with the airflow to get the best results when coating. Ensure you check the coating gun’s airflow and power volume needs before buying or using one. You should only consider a powder coating gun with a higher power volume and airflow for industrial use. You should also be keen on the mixing speed of the powder and the airflow. Seek guidance to choose the best powder-coated gun for your needs.

Check Factory Presets

There are many scenarios that gin users experience during powder coating. Note that there are manufacturer settings that predetermine these scenarios. Ensure you check the factory presets to get the best results from the gun. Start by checking the flat panel settings on the coated gun. These settings are vital when you want to get maximum kVs and high volume during the powder coating process. Also, check the repaint setting. This is helpful when you want to paint previously painted areas to get the best results. You should also be keen on custom settings to help you use specific powder or paint specific parts.

Repair and Maintenance Needs

Like other machinery or equipment needed for industrial use, be keen on the repair and maintenance needs of the powder coating gun. How you take care of it determines the functionality and relevance of the gun. Ensure you understand how to clean it after powder coating, how to store after use, repair tips and when you seek expert services to handle the repair needs.

Powder coating is vital for industrial use. It is one of the ways to protect metals and surfaces. You also improve the appearance of the surfaces when you consider powder coating. You need a gun to get the best powder coating results. Therefore, having a guide on things to look out for becomes vital.