With many employers now focusing on resuming in-person working environments, many professionals are just excited as they are nervous about re-embracing office life. For many, the process also calls for adjusting the sustainable practices that they adopted while working from home.

You may also identify with this approach if you belong to this group. Fortunately, continuing with sustainable practices in an office environment is not as difficult as you may think at first. You can quickly achieve this goal by investing in certain items without jumping hoops. 

To assist you with this seemingly tricky objective, here are five sustainable products for the workplace that you can purchase instantly. 

1. Get a Reusable Cup

If you need multiple servings of caffeine in a single day, the thought of wasting disposable cups can make your environmentally conscious self feel extremely guilty about your daily cup of joe. That is where the availability of reusable cups can act as a blessing for you as well as your beverage needs. 

With options such as a stainless steel tumbler easily available in the market, you can get as many refills for your beverage as you need without excessively harming the planet. Since metal cups are more durable and environmentally friendly than plastic cups, they stand out from typical options significantly. 

2. Obtain a Solar Cellphone Charger

As you try to be more conscious about your energy usage, you might start thinking about the type of power options that your workplace uses. If your current position doesn’t allow you to switch your whole office to renewable energy, you can set an example by using more sustainable options for your personal devices. 

This leads you to utilize solar phone charger solutions. You can do more than conserve a small amount of energy with these options. Since your utilization of renewable energy sends a strong message, it can also get your other coworkers to adopt this practice. Overtime, it can also motivate your office’s administration to explore renewable energy options.

3. Purchase Recycled Towels


When you are worried about the effects of deforestation, cutting down more trees to dry your hands is the last thing that you want. But apart from taking it as one of the reasons to install more trees in your backyard, you can actually choose to steer clear of this practice. The best part? You may still continue the use of disposable paper towels. 

This is possible by utilizing recycled paper towels, which allow you to use disposable options without contributing to excessive waste. In turn, this helps you maintain hygiene while keeping you away from using germ-ridden hand dryers throughout your workday.  

4. Buy Metal Straws

Whether you want to protect the pearly sheen of your teeth or want to protect yourself from random germs on beverage cans, straws can be quite a helpful instrument. But disposable straws are known to be wasteful and bad for the environment, which puts you in a quandary while living an environmentally friendly lifestyle. 

By turning towards metal straw sets, you can easily find a solution to this problem. With these reusable options, you can reap the rewards of using a straw while steering clear of the shortcomings of plastic options. This helps you maintain your sustainable lifestyle as you go back to your office life. 

5. Acquire Sustainable Writing Instruments

In addition to exploring solar panel installation costs and buying reusable drinkware, you can also consider using environmentally friendly pens and pencils. While this may seem like a small change, its effects can also add up once you encourage your coworkers and office to adopt this practice. 

With options such as a recycled bottle pen, you can get the peace of mind that you are not aiding the production of new plastic so that you can write some notes in your journal. Since these offerings are also pocket-friendly, you don’t have to compromise on your budget to make this department’s more environmentally friendly choice. 

With the growing awareness among professionals to become more environmentally conscious, these products are also becoming quite easy to purchase. This not only helps you live a more sustainable lifestyle at your workplace, but also ensures that you don’t have to pay a small fortune to achieve this feat.