Clogged Drains
Clogged Drains: Common Causes and Solutions

There are many reasons you may need to locate the right plumber. Perhaps you recently moved to a new location. Perhaps you’ve had a bad encounter with your previous plumber and are looking to go with someone different or you need to repair hot water heater. Whatever the reason, choosing a service provider that you are able to trust can be daunting. However, you don’t have the burden of doing it all on your own. We’re here to assist you.

The following are the five most important questions to inquire about any plumber who is a professional prior to you deciding to hire them. If they are able to answer these questions correctly and accurately, you can be confident that they’ll have the ability to successfully complete every plumbing work that you require.

“Are you insured and licensed?”

Plumbing companies require different licences for various types of work. It is possible to inquire with them about their specific licences and get the appropriate information.

Once you have checked their licence, ensure that your plumber is insured. If they are insured, you are protected in the event of an incident or error. Choose a plumbing firm that is current with builder’s risks, bonds as well as workers insurance for compensation. If they’ve got all of that, you’re guaranteed that you won’t be burned in the event that unexpected events occur.

“Can you provide me with references?”

Ask the plumber to provide independent reviews or testimonials from customers who have used the service before. You can also search for customer reviews on Google or the plumber’s web site or through social media.

You’re interested in what those who aren’t affiliated in the business say about the company’s work, you’ll be more likely to receive honest straight-forward answers and suggestions this way.

“What is your typical reaction time?”

You are more knowledgeable than any other person about what kind of plumbing issue you’re likely to have to deal with at home. If you’re thinking of emergency plumbing services like hot water heater repair etc, it is important to choose a plumbing company which can provide quick and same-day service.

Even if you’re not convinced you’ll require emergency services, speedy service could make the difference between an issue and a serious one.

“What is your specialty?”

When you work with a plumbing business don’t be afraid to inquire about the areas of expertise their technicians have. Being familiar with the staff who you work with will help in identifying the best candidate.

For example, a technician who is particularly adept at remodelling may not be as adept in repairing hot water heaters. A reputable plumbing company can point you to the most suitable technician for the job each time. All you need to do is inquire.

“How many years are you in the business?”

Although longevity doesn’t provide higher quality service, it can reveal a lot about a business. It’s impossible to be in business for a long time if nobody comes to you for assistance.

The longevity of their business indicates that they’ve succeeded in keeping their customers coming back for a long period of time. Perhaps, you’ll be a satisfied customer!


Choosing the right plumber can save you a lot of your hard earned money. Ask your potential plumbers the above mentioned questions to make the best decision.