Did you know nearly 100 million people in the United States suffer from arachnophobia?

Whether you fear them or not, most people would agree that spiders don’t make the best roommates. While one or two spiders can be a minor inconvenience, they could quickly turn into a spider infestation.

You need to act fast to deal with pesky apartment spiders before they become an issue. Our helpful guide explains how to get rid of spiders and reclaim your apartment today.

Read on for the ultimate guide on spider removal.

1. Seal Entry Points

The easiest way to prevent a spider infestation is to stop them from entering your home in the first place. Spiders need warmth, so any crevice is attractive to an invading arachnid.

Use household fillers and sealant to sure up any cracks in the wall or loose window seals. By preventing spiders from gaining initial access, you will take control of the pest situation in your home.

2. Utilize Your Vacuum

When dealing with apartment spiders, your vacuum is one of your closest allies. Removing the source of further offspring is crucial to preventing a spider infestation.

Clean strategically, being sure to vacuum up any webs or egg sacs you come across. A vigilant and thorough cleaning routine will help to eliminate spiders and other domestic pests.

3. Apply Vinegar

Vinegar is a strong acid – the perfect chemical deterrent for any unwanted houseguests. If you’re wondering how to kill spiders, simply fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and target individual pests.

The strong acid content will kill spiders on contact and invalidate their eggs. If you notice high-traffic areas for insect pests, treat the entire area with vinegar to discourage further activity.

4. Reduce Your Lighting

One of the best ways to deal with apartment spiders is to rethink your home lighting setup. In fact, your current lighting could actually be attracting pests.

While spiders themselves aren’t attracted to light, many of the insects they prey on are. This means that bright lighting increases the risk of a spider infestation. Use dimmer switches at night and buy a lamp to add functional, practical light to the room.

5. Call the Experts

There are numerous home methods to try when it comes to dealing with spiders. However, sometimes you need to accept a job is too much for you to handle alone. That’s where a professional pest control company comes into play.

A quality pest control service is sure to eliminate all traces of a spider infestation from your home or business.

No More Apartment Spiders

So, that’s the 101 on how to deal with apartment spiders.

Addressing pest problems before they become a major issue is the right move for any smart homeowner. If you’ve got a problem with spiders at home, our informative guide is here to help.

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