TikTok is a greatly influencing platform that is increasing its popularity day by day among people all over the world. Now, it has become the main streaming entertainment application and offers incredible marketing opportunities. If you are interested in advertising your brand on TikTok, it is crucial to know its surprising facts to utilize it as a pro. 

Well, exploring the platform helps you to grow your followers and also boost your reach strategically. More users and businesses started to utilize its incredible features and often buy tiktok likes to get special attention. Of course, there is heavy competition on TikTok and choosing the strategies that favor you to amplify your online presence. 

Here we discuss the interesting facts about taking advantage of TikTok for business. 

#1 TikTok Hit Over 1 Billion Active Users

The surprising fact is that in the short period, TikTok has gained more people’s attention and surpassed over a 1 billion user base. Even when comparing TikTok with other platforms like Instagram and Facebook, the reach of TikTok is remarkable. 

Thanks to its updating features which makes TikTok a huge hit, and as per the studies, it is forecasted that the user base will grow to an extent. It is a world-famous platform that interacts well with the potential audience and provides more opportunities for businesses. Whereas, with significant users on the platform, more businesses begin to advertise on TikTok and utilize EarnViews to make the content go viral. 

#2 TikTok Downloaded Over 3 Billion Times

As a TikTok user, you must know that TikTok was the only application downloaded more than 3 billion times on the Play Store and App Store. As per the studies conducted by Sensor Tower in Dec. 2020, it is at the top and getting more users’ attention all over the world. It states how popular it is among the people and how they utilize TikTok. There is no donut that TikTok’s popularity is rising, and it stays at the top. 

#3 Time-management Feature

Do you want to decide the time you want to spend on TikTok? If yes, the Time-management feature in TikTok helps you to set the time limit. It is probably a valuable feature that allows users to restrict watching TikTok videos more often. When this feature is rolled out, the restricted screen time on TikTok is two hours. 

Now, the time limit is revamped, and you can choose from the options 40, 60, 90, or 120 minutes. Let you know that this feature is encrypted with a password and is valid for 30 days. Once the users exceed the time limit, they are watching and must again enter the password to retain watching videos on TikTok.

#4 Literally, TikTok Is More Addictive

TikTok is being widely used by people all over the world. You will get excited to know that TikTok is a highly engaging application when you compare it with other social media platforms. Even any user’s posts can reach millions of users and go viral in a matter of seconds. Around 33% of TikTok users share their content on TikTok. 

In the crowd-pleasing environment, users are curating the right strategies to stay at the top. Also, they started to work with the TikTok algorithm. Therefore, the recommendation system will take the content in the user’s feed. For an extraordinary reach, many users wisely use EarnViews and enhance their presence on TikTok. As many users share content on TikTok, you can endlessly scroll through the short-form videos. In addition, the variety of content influences users to return to the platform and spend more time on it. So, businesses with a presence on TikTok will take the business to the next level. 

#5 TikTok Sparks Social Change & Build Strong Network

TikTok’s main success is that it offers users to be more creative. Do you know how it would be possible? It’s with the emergence of the creative feature on TikTok. Every feature on the platform is valuable that helps to create unimaginable and more attractive content. Yes, TikTok videos impact cultural change and make users make informed decisions. With time, it becomes an avenue for trendsetters and creators. 

The new trends are evolving daily, and as more people present on this platform, they often learn social justice and politics and build a strong community. Moreover, business is transformed into a great marketing tool. So if you are profound in taking your business to a greater height, make a presence on TikTok and plan in the right way to generate more revenue. 

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, you have learned the exciting fact that you need to use TikTok for your business. By reading the above, discover the secrets of the fun facts about TikTok and creatively generate engaging content to grow your business at a rapid pace.