Big homes need big features. The mega mansions of today are being built with some amazing additions that you may not have thought of. Here are the five must-have features for a modern mega mansion.

An Infinity Pool

A big swimming pool and a hot tub are not enough anymore. Infinity pools are the new big thing in mega mansion construction. They are great at a height as they give you an amazing view over your luxury property while you relax in the water. Most infinity pools are being added as a private addition to the master bedroom of the mansion. This makes them even more exclusive.

A Home Bar and Cigar Room

Bars have been a popular addition to mansions for centuries. Even before the gilded age of oil barons and industrial tycoons, many homes would have a functioning bar and at the very least a well-stocked liquor cabinet.

Now, the wealthy want a little bit more from their home bar. Draft beers on tap, a range of rare liquor bottles for exotic cocktails, and a walk-in cigar humidor to enjoy some of the finer things in life. The decor will follow the style of an expensive and exclusive hotel, with marble, mahogany, and gold leaf.

A Personal Running Track

Going for a jog in the park? That’s not good enough for the super-wealthy. Having a personal running track of the same quality you would find at a high school, university, or even the Olympics, has become one of the most popular additions to the homes of the rich and famous.

Running track construction is a quick process and can achieve some amazing looking results. This gives the feature form as well as function, and you can enjoy a peaceful run without anyone getting in the way.

A Luxury Library

This feature used to be commonplace in the homes of the ultra-wealthy, but fell out of favor as tastes changed and people put down the books and picked up the TV remote. Home libraries are making a comeback, and they are a great opportunity to show off interior design skills.

Multi-level libraries are one of the big trends in mega mansions. People are going for a classical old-school look that will make you think of the grand old libraries and museums in a big city. Spiral staircases and shelves bursting with books on every wall. Whether the books are read or decorative is up for debate.

A Virtual Game Space

For some people, you can never have enough square feet. Some are taking this a little too far. The advances in virtual reality mean traditional games rooms with a pool table and a pinball machine are being replaced with a space suited to VR play.

These spaces tend to be quite big, to give players space to move around, and are filled with the latest tech to help keep everyone occupied. Don’t forget an area to take a break and rehydrate.

These features and more are going to become regular additions to big houses across the country. Hopefully, some of these will work their way into more affordable homes that everyone can enjoy.