Do you have the sneaking suspicion that something isn’t quite right with your air conditioner? If there’s one job that you don’t want to leave down to last-minute DIY, it’s AC repair.

Replacing the entire unit could cost you well into the thousands of dollars if something goes wrong.

Imagine yourself sitting in a house with no AC, especially in the summer! Why endure the misery of melting into a puddle of sweat when you can keep an eye out for these signs your AC system might be about to cause trouble? Let’s begin!

1. Keeping Airflow With AC Repair

The most obvious issue is a complete lack of airflow. This one isn’t too hard to diagnose. A simple check of the vents to see if you’ve got a steady stream of cool air will do the trick.

A bit of maintenance is usually enough to remedy this problem, something any AC repair service can provide. Clogging, thanks to a build-up of dust, is usually the culprit.

2. A Mysterious Rattling

If you can hear a gentle rapping and tapping, you may feel that worry creeping in that you’re stuck in an Edgar Allan Poe poem. The chances are that any untoward rattling noises are instead something wrong with your AC!

Even a new AC will make a little noise when it starts up and switches off. Making odd sounds during normal operations is the real worry. The severity of the problem will be difficult for an untrained ear to derive, so play it safe and get an expert.

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3. Unwelcome Smells

Your AC shouldn’t be producing any smell whatsoever. Pleasant or otherwise, they are all unwelcome!

Though any smell the AC is producing isn’t ideal, the one that you want to watch out for is burning. Anything with a vague resemblance to a smoky or electrical smell needs addressing immediately.

The last thing you want is the AC suffering from a malfunction that results in a fire. Especially in the summer months when you were trying to keep cool!

The other thing you don’t want to burst into flames is your bank account, so consider air conditioning financing if you find yourself strapped for cash.

4. Water, Water, Everywhere

Unless you’re particularly thirsty, you don’t want your AC to be producing any water. 

Diagnosing dampness or leaks around any of the AC components can be difficult. It’s a complex piece of equipment, and condensation or worse could point to several issues.

On a serious note, any leaks could indicate something wrong with the refrigerant. It’s best to contact an AC repair company to prevent lasting damage to yourself or the environment.

5. It’s Getting Old

Another thing to watch out for is the age of your AC. Time gets the better of everything and everyone, and your AC is no different! If you want to keep your heating and cooling up to scratch, consider a replacement AC.

AC Repair for All Your Needs

These are the most common issues to look out for with your AC, and they are easy enough to spot. Keep an eye out for changes with your AC system, and be ready to call the pros. 

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