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Words which end in OWN

  • adown means not comparable or ancient, and specifically refers to Down or downwards in a lower spot.
  • Blown refers to glassware made using melted glass.

It also refers (of an electrical circuit or fuse) to lines that are melted as a result power overloading.

  • Brown: Brown refers to a pigment. While it can be referred as a blended color, it is a primary pigment. Brown is often formulated by blending pigments orange and black.

5 Words End in Own

  • A clown is a comedian, often seen in a circus wearing a popular uniform with extravagant make-up.

A country man or rustic innocent.

To behave in a happy or humorous way

  • coown is to be owned with another person, or an association
  • Crown: The crown refers to the formal symbolic perspective of a headdress worn by a ruler (or by a divinity), who traditionally carries the title that identifies power and legality.
  • You can drown if you dive in or under water.

5 Letter Words with Their Meanings

Here are some HTML5 Words that End in Their Own ,

  • Frown: One can frown to show disapproval or attention.

It’s a facial gesture that signals dissatisfaction, anger, or pursuit. It is marked by a furrowing eyebrow.

  • Flyn: An insect or bat that uses its wings to move through the atmosphere. To be quickly thrown into the air.
  • mature: Women and men who have reached adulthood. It is assumed that it has been covered or encircled in greenery and well accumulated.
  • Know: An entity or person that is recognized by all cultures and a special group or species.

5 Words End in Own

  • Shown: To effect or entitle another person to be recognized; spectacle. To illustrate or conduct as social leisure, spectacle, or entertainment: to make a film. To suggest, to question: to show the way.
  • town: A stock or bundle of objects neatly stored in a certain place
  • unown- This is a Pokemon lineage that Game Freaks and Nintendo Pokemon have created. It was designed by Ken Sugimori.

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