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All the words starting with CRE

  • Creak – A loud, sharp, metallic sound caused by a pattern or item, typically made of wood. It is usually heard when the item is being shifted or when there is tension or weight.
  • Credo- The proclamation or declaration of the principles or efforts that led to someone being prosecuted.
  • Creed-faith or a system that is based on religious beliefs
  • A creek is water source that is often fresher than or tributary of a stream.
  • Creel is a large creeper basket designed to hold fish, or to grab bobbins/spools from the frame when whirling.

5 Words Starting with Cre

  • Creep: To be quiet and slow in order not to be noticed or heard.
  • Creates- A component a native species that is found in a vast area of Canada or the Algonquian language of the creed. This is very similar to Montagnais which contains about 60,000 orators.
  • Crema- A brownish froth that is placed on top of freshly prepared espresso coffee.
  • Creme refers to a product or substance with a creamy and thick consistency.
  • Creams – The yellowish-white part that is made up of butterfat.
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  • Crane – This is a long and massive machine that can be used to lift heavy items from a shaft, extension or projecting extension.
  • Creon- Creon a Greek sculpture best remembered for his role as leader of Thebes in Oedipus’ myth of Creon
  • Crepe – A thin pancake, or a thin light material with wrinkled exterior.
  • Crepy: A crepe with a dry, creased impression similar to crepe
  • Cresc- A small increase in sound or a melodious orientation, or emblem that indicates it.
  • Crewe- Crewe in Cheshire East is a social parish and railroad city.
  • Last 5th Letter Word Starting with Cre,
  • Crews could be staff, personnel, or a team.

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