Are you a fan of word games? People love to play word games, but they sometimes get lost in the game and have trouble thinking of the words. Word games such as scrabble and wordle are very popular worldwide. They are fun to play and can even be shared with friends. This article will show you 5 letter ending words in En and their meanings. It will help improve your vocabulary and increase your chances to win.

There are 5 letters that end in En

Let’s take a look at five letter words that end in En. These will help you score more points during the game.

  • Alien – Alien can be described as a fictional or hypothetical being from another world.
  • Arpen – Arpen was a French former unit of length equal to 190 feet
  • Admen – An acronym for an individual who works in advertising
  • Copen – A light blue shade

5 Letter Words Starting With En

We’ve already discussed 5 letter words ending with En. Let’s now discuss words that start with En. This will allow you to gain more information about the words.

  • Enact – To establish a legal and authoritative act, Enact is used
  • End – To get to a point and stop going further
  • Enate – Enate refers to a person who is related one’s mother
  • Endow – To endow means to give with an ability, equality or asset
  • Endue – Endue is a way to give quality or ability

5 letters words with En

Let’s talk about 5 Words Beginning with En. Now let’s look at some 5 letter words that have En in them. We will also discuss their meanings.

  • Agene – Agene can be used in bleaching and aging flour.
  • Agent – A person acting on behalf of another individual or group
  • Amens – Amens are utterances of amen that express solemn ratification
  • Ament – Botany’s term for a catkin.
  • Akene – A dry, one-sided indehiscent fruits with the seed distinct from its wall

5 letter ending words in En

  • Eaten – When someone puts food in their mouth, chews it and swallows it
  • Dizen – A verb that refers to dressing in finery or clothes.
  • Dozen – A dozen is used to measure a set or group of twelve
  • Doven – To recite Jewish liturgy’s prescribed prayers.
  • Axmen – A person who uses violence or an axe to harm another is known as Axmen
  • Cozen – To deceive or trick someone is known as cozen
  • Daven – Daven refers to Judaism’s recitation of liturgical prayers


This article focuses on the En 5 Letter Ending Words. We also provide information about words that begin with En as well as words that contain En in the middle, along with their definition.

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