Did you know that recognition is the primary motivator for over 37% of employees? With this number being so high, you likely want to focus on recognition as a small business owner.

While there are countless ways to motivate, offering company swag is one prime way to do so. What else can branded swag be good for other than motivating employees?

Read on to learn five fantastic reasons to make employee swag a regular part of your workplace.

1. Employee Recognition

As mentioned above, recognition is essential for many employees to feel motivated.

Instead of simply verbally recognizing when someone does a good job, consider having company swag that acts as employee rewards. This way, when someone does a good job, they have something to show for it too!

2. Enhanced Brand

If part of your brand is treating employees well and rewarding them for a job well done, this news will spread.

It will likely help you to get more applicants and, in turn, hire better employees for your business in the future. Just one small action can have a chain effect, and this is a prime example of that.

3. Free Marketing

If your branded swag has your logo or business name on it, you’re getting free marketing whenever someone uses their stuff.

For example, if most of your employees carry around a company travel coffee mug, think of how many people they pass on their way into work that see it. All of these people have been exposed to your brand, and who knows, they might become future customers because of it!

4. Employee Welcome

Making new employees feel welcome and comfortable working with their new team is a great way to set them up for success.

Consider letting new employees create their own custom swag welcome bundle so that they can see they’re valued and have company gear to fit in with the rest of the team.

To make company swag more simple, check out Axomo software and see how their solution can help you to create a swag store!

5. Promote Company Values

Your custom company gear can have treasured quotes, company slogans, words of encouragement, or your mission statement printed on it.

All of these options will help to solidify the company values in your mind and the minds of your employees. Having these items around is a nice way to showcase your values as a company and help everyone to remain on the same page.

Invest in Employee Swag Today

There are countless reasons to invest in employee swag as soon as possible.

Whether you simply want to motivate or welcome new employees, or you want to get some virtually free marketing and remind your employees of the company’s values, company swag is the way to go.

Start designing your swag today so that you can get it out into the world and reap the benefits as soon as possible!

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