Dashing personalities always attract others and one of the basic factors for it is healthy and shiny hair, particularly women, are curious about all products which are responsible for hair growth. All the latest hairstyles on special occasions are only set on long hair so women strive hard to achieve great lengths of hair. They apply various hair oil, masks, herbs, etc, and also pay attention to diet. They prefer foods that are enriched with such healthy nutrients which are associated with hair growth. For example, they eat the best beef jerky for getting the maximum amount of protein that is critical for hair growth. Similarly, they prefer such snacks during meals which consist of thin beef jerky and fatty beef jerky for better nourishment of hair.

Important nutrients for hair growth; According to dietitians following beneficial nutrients and vitamins are important for hair growth.




4-Omega3 fatty acids.

5-Vitamin A.

6-Folic acid.

7-Vitamin B complex.

Tips for fast hair growth;

There is a list of tips that will upgrade the speed of hair growth.

1-Brush twice a day.

2-Eat a balanced diet.

3-Trim tips now and then.

4-Take massage of oil once a week

5-Avoid hair dyes.

6-Protect them from heat and dust.

7-Use essential natural hair masks.

8-Keep them clean.

5 best foods for hair growth;

 There are some foods full of crucial elements that play a necessary role in increasing hair length.


Eggs known as hair foods are rich in protein, vitamins A  and E, biotin, folate, etc which are beneficial for hair growth, especially their yolks having healthy fats control hair moisture and make them shiny. Hair masks of eggs are also effective and remove all specks of dirt and germs from them while reducing hair fall. Egg’s healthy factors make hair roots strong and fast growth plus give them great volume. The good thing is that they are ideal for all types of hair and improve their texture.

2-Fatty fish;

Fatty fish like salmon, herring, etc provide omega3 fatty acids that improve hair growth. Studies show that these acid supplements are also necessary for fighting various hair problems. Fatty fish supply protein, vitamins, and other nutrients that strengthen hair roots and make the speed of hair growth faster while eliminating hair loss. So it is great to eat fatty fish in a moderate form daily for obtaining their all benefits linked with healthy hair. Capsules of their oil also enhance hair length and provide them with a great shine.

3-Leafy vegetables;

They are nutritious and are also a treasure of amazing elements such as iron, vitamins, folate, etc which are helpful in hair growth. They work combined for benefiting hair and reduce hair shedding while making them strong and healthy. They keep their scalp moist and provide enough quantity of iron which is critical for the nourishment of hair and makes them strong from roots to tips, So add leafy vegetables to your daily diet in form of salads to improve the condition of hair and to solve hair issues.


Creamy yogurt is enriched with protein that takes care of our hair and fulfills all requirements that are critical for hair growth. Its lactic acid clears all dead skin on the scalp and speeds up hair growth properly. Its all healthy nutrients ensure hair health while making them thick and provide complete nourishment to roots for better growth. It strengthens roots and increases their density. Yogurt‘s amazing elements reduce all hair problems such as dandruff which are a great hurdle in the way of growth.


Delicious and oily nuts available in a large variety like almonds, walnuts,  etc are awesome and have key value for healthy hair as they pamper them with fantastic and rich nutrients such as vitamins, fatty acids, biotin, zinc, etc. All these have wonderful effects on hair and are required to strengthen roots. They also affect the growth properly and make them more shiny and smooth. Their addition to the diet stops hair loss and increases their volume.

In a few words, a healthy diet is necessary for the perfect growth of hair so we should be careful about it for getting good results regarding hair growth.