Color changing bulbs are one of the most underrated features of modern smart home technology. Being able to change the light cast in a room is like being to control its size. Through a color changing lightbulb, you can control your home’s lighting, its mood, and its atmosphere.

You can start this by just installing color changing bulbs, but there are other features you can install. Most of the time, you can even program lights to change colors at specific times!

Keep reading below to learn more about the best kinds of color changing bulbs you can get for your home!

1. Smart Bulbs Are the Best Color Changing Lights

How many people does it take to change a smart bulb? Only one, and once it’s installed, you’ll never want to take it out again. Smart bulbs are lightbulbs that connect through a centralized management system through an app.

Through this app, you can set the lights to turn on at specific times during the day, or when another device turns on. You can also set them to change colors whenever you want, or whenever something happens in your home. Once you install smart bulbs, you’re ready for anything!

2. Home Lighting Can Be Accented With Light Strips

A lightbulb is a wonderful way to light up a room, with light spreading to all corners. However, traditional lightbulbs usually send shadows across the room too from furniture and accessories. It can be disquieting and change the atmosphere you want in a room.

To prevent this, you can buy fiber optic lighting! These light strips are stuck onto the borders of shelves, behind TVs, or anywhere else. They can shine a multitude of colors and are great at maintaining your room’s atmosphere.

3. LED Lighting Can Be a Variety of Colors

LED bulbs were revolutionary when they were first released. They use less power and are longer-lasting, so you can save money and never have to replace them! Now, LED bulbs are being produced in a variety of different colors.

If you want a red room, a blue room, or a green room — you can have it just by screwing in a lightbulb. Plus, you won’t need to deal with the hassle of setting up a lightbulb in an app.

4. Share Your Colors Outside Too

If you’re making the inside of your home colorful, be sure to make the outside colorful too! There are tons of different spotlight accessories you can point at your house. These usually come in a variety of different colors and cast different themed patterns on your home.

They can be perfect for Halloween or Christmas, effectively decorating your home with light!

5. Make It a Party by Pairing Lights With Accessories

One of the best features of color-changing bulbs is that most of them can change be synced with other devices. You can usually sync them with speakers or audio devices. And when you sync them, they can change color to match the song you’re playing.

That way, you can experience your music in a whole new way, listening to it while watching light dance that reflects its tones.

Color Changing Bulbs Will Change Your Life

Most people don’t realize how incredible color changing bulbs are until they’ve installed them. They think that changing the color of a room can’t make much of a difference. But once they’ve held the power to change the color of light in their hands, their opinion changes.

And there are more ways to make your room stand out and improve its atmosphere. To learn more about how to improve your home, just keep reading our website!