When the kids say they are bored and question what you will do tonight, plan a game night for lots of laughs and healthy competition. Neighbors, friends and other family members can join in on the fun and bring their favorites. Put on some party music and get ready to take some memorable pictures to post on your social media.

1. Pick the Games

Board games, card games and online games are all great options for an awesome night and can be tailored to any number of players. For online games, the Wifi and security offered by a company like Plume will give you the speed and confidence needed for uninterrupted game time. Board games should be picked according to how many people will be participating. Card games are dependent on the rules of the game as to how many can play. You can have a specific game night, such as poker night, monopoly night, or charades night, or you can pick a variety of each. Enjoy blackjack, Clue and any online option all on the same night. It is always a good idea to have some backup game ideas in case something goes wrong with your first choices.

2. Pick the Crowd

Game night can be an intimate gathering of just your immediate family or it can turn into a crowd of neighbors and friends added to the mix. Some people agree with the saying of the more the merrier but if you prefer smaller numbers, that works well, too. The important thing is that everyone has the same expectations of how the games will be played so no one will feel uninvolved. Make sure you set everything up ahead of time to accommodate all players. If you are teaching a new game, read over the instructions and be confident you understand it so your guests will not be confused or bored. Finding a unique take on game night means playing to the crowd so everyone has fun.

3. Pick the Place

A kitchen table, a card table in the garage or the floor of the living room can be a great place to host the party. You can also pick one room to start in and change the location in your home for each game. You can do your online pick in the family room, the card game in the kitchen and the board game in the dining room. Moving to the porch or backyard for a nice change of scenery will keep the crowd engaged and interested. A rainy night can inspire you to gather in one room and stay there throughout all the games without the hassle of switching spaces, but sometimes a change is good.

4. Pick the Snacks

Besides picking fun games that everyone will enjoy, making or buying great snacks is key to a wonderful evening. Finger foods made from online ideas can be a fun activity during the day in preparation for the game night. Picking up pastries, chips and dip, pizzas, sandwiches, veggies or fruits and family favorites are all part of the experience of the evening. Food is a large part of any successful party and game night is no exception, so plan some tasty treats in a nice variety that will include something for everyone, taking into consideration allergies and picky palettes.

One of the best ways to interact with people in person is to play games. Social interaction for youth today needs to have a balance of internet time and face-to-face fun. There are so many options of types of games to play that you are bound to find some crowd pleasers if you search and keep your eyes open for unique or new ones that can be added to your library of classics. Memories made on game night may inspire your kids to have a tradition of game night every month and will make them plan games nights when they have families of their own.