There is a baby in the house and you are so worried about how to carry the child outside. An infant car seat is your solution but do you know how to buy one? What are the things that you should know before buying one for your child? You know that the market will have multiple options but you need only one. So, it will be hard to decide if you don’t know what you should look for. This blog is a guide for you to help you in this. As you may need an infant car seat at the hospital before getting discharged after the delivery. So, remember that your newly born infant has to ride on a bumpy road to reach home. The infant car seat you are going to buy will be with you until your child turns 18 months older. This is the reason you should focus more on buying the right infant seat. 

Things to remember while buying an infant car seat

The below lists contains the most important things that you should know before visiting the market or online stores for buying an infant car seat. 

  1. Safety

Your child’s life is so important and you cannot compromise on its safety so safety is on the top of the list. The purpose of buying a car seat is to keep children safe and protected during the drive on the road. So, make sure that the infant car seat offers an optimal protection level. In different countries, some state-level organizations are assigned the task to test and evaluate car safety. 

  1. Size

While buying an infant car seat, check for the specifications to note height and weight limits. This matters a lot if you gave a premature birth and the child weighs 6.5lbs or lower. Moreover, check for the newborn insert. It will keep the child snug and tight. If you buy the right-sized infant car seat, you have done a great job in ensuring child safety. 

  1. Comfort

Can you imagine having peace when your baby is lying in the car seat and still constantly crying throughout the journey? Maybe your child is not comfortable in it. Here, you have to look for 2 main things. One is extra padding and the other is material breathability. The nuna car seats are the best to satisfy this concern. 

  1. Installation

Once you have bought the baby car seat, then you will need to install it in the car. So, do verify if the car seat installation is quick and easy. Consider if your chosen car seat fits the car. Don’t go for one that hardly fits. If you bought an extra-large car seat, it might not fit your small car. To be sure, you can measure the space in the back of the car and then match the dimensions with the Nuna car seats. 

Take Away!

These were the most important things you should know but there is another point as well – the expiration date. Scan the available products for expiry dates and buy those that will expire at least 2 years later than the day you bought them.