Bracelets are regarded as timeless pieces. This ornamental accessory has been in use since ancient times. Bracelets have long been regarded for use in:

  • Religious practices: Different bracelet designs were used in religious traditions. Some of them had handwritten ritual messages. Archaeologists have found such bracelets in Egyptian mummies and or excavations dating back to the Mesopotamian era.
  • Cultural purposes: Bracelets have long been regarded as a cultural mark of identity. In some communities, it is still viewed as a symbol of marital status, nobility, or depicts a certain way of life.
  • Trade: High-valued bracelets have been used as a medium of exchange in the past. Different designs determined one’s economic status.

Nonetheless in modern times, bracelets have been worn specifically for fashion style. With the popularization of fashion movements in the 21st century, bracelets are seen as ideal accessories for a specific fashion trend. Royal crown bracelets can be a fashionable twist for a vintage or a modern look.

What materials make the bracelets?

Generally, bracelets are made from various materials including precious stones, corals, beads, metal, leather, wood, silicone rubber, and plastic. The majority will therefore select bracelet material according to their personal preferences. Some love the blend of rock and metal material in their bracelets.

The following considerations are vital when selecting different designs of bracelets:

  • Occupation: Your engagements will influence the type of bracelet you wear. If you are in official business occupation, you may opt for bracelets that match well with official outfits. This may include a minimalistic style such as a simple design of buckle bracelets. 
  • Setting: Different settings influence your choice of bracelet. That’s why there are various designs perfect for casual, official, or party settings. Most people would prefer a laid-back bracelet design especially if they are in a casual setting. In a party or gala setting, you may desire to dress up and select bracelets with a personalized unique touch. For instance, royal crown bracelets can be used as a fashion statement at evening parties or during vacation getaways. The important trick while choosing bracelets for different settings is aiming to stay in fashion.

The different types of bracelets: Knowing the different styles of bracelets will influence your choices. Collectively different designs in bracelets depend on the material used, the cut, shape and patterns. These include:

Charm bracelets: This bracelet originated from a ‘religious centered’ group of ornaments. This included designing the bracelet with small hanging decorative trinkets that mostly had ritual spells written on them. Today charm bracelets are not worn specifically for a religious centric purpose. Its design of little added decorative ornaments makes them attractive and stylish. Most people choose charm bracelets to add a personalized twist to their jewelry fashion. For instance, for a unique noble flair, you can select a royal crown bracelet. This is a ‘charming’ type of bracelet with added decorative pieces to suit a personal vibe.

Cuff bracelet: This bracelet design has an opening in the back. This makes it easy to wear or remove. Cuff bracelets can be designed from materials such as metals, wood, or plastic. It may be incorporated with other ornamental designs like gemstones and or beads. One such good example is the buckle bracelet from Enzo fashion. This attractive metallic design can be a fashion statement for both a dress-up or laid-back setting.

Tennis bracelets: It’s been over a century since tennis bracelets were first mentioned. This is a typical round bracelet adorned with little gemstones all around its thin band. The famous type of stones used is diamonds. Tennis bracelets can be selected for a minimalistic style perfect as everyday wear. They can also be stacked and layered with buckle bracelets as well.

Beaded bracelets: This design of bracelets is very popular. They also have a close resemblance to the tennis bracelets in structure. Beads are lined skillfully in a certain order to create an ornamental style. Others have also been made with soft volcanic rocks. This type of bracelet is super light and is perfect for layering. They can also be incorporated with charm bracelets for a unique fashion twist. You can check out this awesome inclusion in the design of the royal crown bracelet from Enzo.

The above are the most popular types of bracelets that the majority have in their jewelry box. The best of all is that this amazing collection will wow your look every time.