Curly Hair Wig: What You Need To Know?

Wigs are not an uncommon accessory these days. Many people use wigs to change their look and make themselves more beautiful. From a spiritual point of view, wigs can also bring more self-confidence and make people love life more. After all, hair is also an external response to human vitality. A beautiful hair will always bring you more life and vitality.

Of all kinds of wigs, curly wigs are the most common and suitable for anyone. This article will give you a better understanding of curly wigs by answering 4 questions about curly wigs. When you finish reading this article, you will have a new understanding of curly wigs.

4 facts you should know about curly wigs

1. Curly wigs generally refer to curly hair with less curls

Curly wigs is a general term for curly wigs. In fact, you can have different names for wigs with different curls. Generally speaking, people call large curls wave hair or wavy hair. Smaller curls are called curly hair or curls wig. If you want to buy very small curls and want a natural-like African-American women’s fluffy look, then you should buy a wig with the word “afro” or “kinky”.

2. Common styles of Curly wigs

Common curly wigs include afro curly wig, deep wave hair wig, water wave hair wig, body wave wig, loose wave wig, etc. Afro curly wig is the least curled wig. Deep wave wig and water wave hair are medium curl wigs. Body wave wig and loose wave wig are wigs with large curls.

Afro curly wig has a strong African flair and is perfect for summer. If you want to go to the beach, then afro curly wig might be a good choice. It is the most natural combination of sand and waves.

Deep wave wig and water wave hair wig look a bit similar. But it’s actually two completely different curly wigs. Deep wave wig contains more neat feeling. Water wave hair wig is more like waves without regularity and order. If you are after a free, casual, loose and lazy feeling like the afternoon sun, then the water wave hair wig will be a great choice.

Body wave wig and loose wave wig are more curly hair. Body wave wigs tend to give a gorgeous, elegant feel. This type of curls is perfect for important occasions, such as company annual meetings.

3. Wet and wavy hair doesn’t actually refer to curly hair

Some people may see wet and wavy wig when buying curly wigs. But it should be noted that wet and wavy hair is not a description of curl. In fact, wet and wavy hair wig refers to a curly hair with special features. The curls automatically shrink into their initial curls when exposed to water. That said, you can straighten it with a straightener while it dries. This time it is very natural straight hair. And when you need it to turn into curls, just spray with some water.

From this point of view, buying a wet and wavy hair wig is equivalent to buying a straight hair wig and a curly wig at the same time. It can be easily switched between straight hair and curly hair.

4. Curly wigs require more attention to detail than straight wigs

Curly wigs are more prone to knots and frizz than straight wigs due to their more intricate patterns and construction. This is why curly wigs tend to require more attention than straight wigs. When caring for the curly wig, I suggest you use more conditioner and give the curly wig more time to absorb the nutrients from the conditioner. In addition, when combing the curly wig, it is best to use a wide-toothed comb to avoid damaging the original curl of the wig.