There are a variety of misconceptions that people have about rehabilitation centers, and most of them are entirely unfounded. Most of what people hear is from the media, and we all know that they like to dramatize things to make them seem different from how they indeed are. It doesn’t help, of course, that the crisis in America has gotten worse, and people are afraid because of what they see every day in the media. However, we’re here with the information you need to debunk four common myths about drug and alcohol rehab that aren’t true. 

Addicts Are At Fault Because They Lack Control

One of the most common misconceptions about addicts is that they have no control or abysmal management. Studies have shown that that isn’t true. More than fifty percent of addiction is considered a risk by a genetic factor. That means that it has little to do with discipline or lack of character. Another factor is whether or not you experience mental health issues. Examples include things like ADHD or OCD. Personality disorders play a part as well. 

You Have To Be At Your Worst

This is another common issue that people hear, and it’s pretty dangerous. Waiting until you are at your worst before seeking help can cause a fatality. It also means that someone could see the warning signs in someone they care about and not do anything because they think they don’t need to. There is no reason to wait until someone has done possible irreparable damage to themselves and others before seeking help. Instead, help your family or friends realize they need help immediately. 

Only The Rich Can Afford Help From A Drug And Alcohol Rehab

While it may seem that way, that isn’t true either. Insurance companies will usually pay for the entirety of your treatment in a drug and alcohol rehab. In addition to this, the facilities have many amenities that you can use. The only difference is that moderately priced treatment centers don’t focus on things like spa treatments; they focus on giving you the help and care you need in a safe environment to heal. 

My Way Or The High Way

This idea comes up a lot. Many people genuinely believe that there is only one way to recover from an addiction. A drug and alcohol rehabilitation center will debunk that immediately. For example, some people need inpatient treatment while others work well with an outpatient program. Others benefit from a twelve-step program. No matter how you feel comfortable, you’ll soon discover that there isn’t one correct answer. 

Are You Ready?

Now that you know the truth about alcohol and drug rehab centers, are you ready to choose to go to one such as a drug rehab center in Newburyport, MA? Getting the help you need for your loved one is crucial and as we’ve started doing it, sooner is better. Just remember, the right center focuses on helping you heal and better your life while letting you feel safe and comfortable.