The internet has operated a true quiet revolution in our lives, significantly changing the way we work, how we communicate, and even how we consume. With the advancement of technology and the regulation of the industry, the world wide web has ceased to be a lawless wild west and has become a safe tool to perform shopping and other online transactions.

It is no coincidence that e-commerce has been one of the fastest growing industries in the last decade. Moreover, it has established itself once and for all in the consumption habits of the majority of the world’s population, after the recent pandemic, which forced more home collection. With all this, companies began to find in the internet a strong ally for their commercial success, and complementary areas, such as digital marketing, helped to maximize all this potential.

Nowadays, not being on the Internet is, from the start, a true commercial suicide for any company or brand. However, taking into account the enormous competition that exists, being present is no longer enough. It is essential to know how to stand out from the rest of the crowd. And, for this, digital marketing has developed very important strategies, while several digital tools are assumed as major allies. Below we highlight 4 extremely powerful applications that will help you promote your business online. 


One of the main digital tools that digital marketing has exploited in recent times is social media. Facebook, Instagram or TikTok have become ubiquitous in our lives and we no longer know how to live without them. Therefore, the potential of these platforms for businesses and brands is immense. Ads have become a key way to capture new customers, retain old ones, and engage followers.

However, this is a very demanding and time-consuming task. At least until now. Hootsuite is an application that changes this, maximizing resources and optimizing the user’s time. With this Bettilt application you will be able to control and manage all your social network profiles in the same place, saving time and work. And, as popular wisdom has it, time is money.


There are many companies that create amazing content, be it in the form of hypertext on a blog or a multimedia video on Youtube, but then fail to get enough views to make a difference. This is why Scoop It has become the best friend of small businesses or anyone who is starting a new brand online.

Scoop It is the most powerful application on the market today for promoting and advertising content in order to achieve as many views as possible. Its effectiveness is proven by the more than 2.5 million users who currently use the application, generating more and better traffic to your site and, consequently, more customers and buyers. It is this tool that many e-commerce companies, online casinos and well-known brands have used for a boost in their sales.


Canva is the ideal application for all those who have no skill in photoshop. It is a powerful image editor and ideal for creating content for your website, blog or they social, promoting your content in an original and professional way. Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Besides, the numbers are clear. Studies show that 78 percent of people who shop online only do so if there is a picture of the product, for example, while 90 percent of customers who use e-commerce have confessed that the quality of the photos is crucial at the time of purchase. So take advantage of all the filters, fonts, backgrounds and stickers available on Canva to enhance the visual content of your brand.


Social networks are a key ally in any digital marketing strategy, but without assessing their reach and engagement they may be useless. Moreover, analyzing and comparing that impact is a demanding job that takes up a lot of free time, which may also be needed in another task.

This is where Mention comes in, a very important app that allows you to gather on the same platform all the results of your social media publications. With real-time notifications, 42 available languages, and compatibility with all social networks, Mention is fundamental to optimize your work and maximize the performance of your social networks.