3 Vintage Lab Grown Diamonds Jewelry Pieces that Never Disappoint.

Diamonds are evergreen and that has been evident through the years. Be it iconic jewelry pieces by well-known brands or just family heirlooms, jewelry has been a coveted treasure for all. Diamonds, in particular, tend to be in demand at all times.

And why wouldn’t they be? They are shiny and stunning and rare! A good quality diamond can cost as much as a small apartment. Definitely not something to take for granted. If you have received diamond jewelry, trust us, you are lucky!

Purchasing diamond jewelry can be a real pain. To start with, the prices of natural diamonds are incredibly exorbitant. This is mostly due to the amount of effort, energy, labor and resources that are required to mine a handful of truly flawless diamonds. The environmental repercussions of the same are also severe. Are these naturally mined even worth it? We, for one, don’t think so.

On the other hand are lab grown diamonds. Now lab grown diamonds are not diamond simulants. They are the same as normal diamonds with similar carbon structures and the same physical properties. They are not copies of diamonds, THEY ARE DIAMONDS.

Opting for our best lab grown diamonds jewelry has many benefits. Namely,

1.  They are definitely more cost effective than mined diamonds. Since these diamonds are created in controlled environments, they do not use up tons of energy or resources. There is hardly any waste of time or power. This makes their production costs lower and in turn, the final price on any lab made jewelry piece also reduces.

2.  They are eco-friendly. To us, this one quality is non-negotiable. Lab grown diamonds do not have to be mined. That means no land is left barren and no labourers suffer from health issues. Lab grown diamonds are created without any air pollution or waste of time and energy. They are a very ethical and responsible choice to make.

3.  Lab grown diamonds jewelry has tons of variety. These diamonds are available in colors and shapes that are trendy as well as available.

4.  This colored diamond jewelry has an equally reasonable resale price. This means that these diamonds are also a sound investment to make.

5.  Colored diamond jewelry, when its lab made, is more readily available and for a way more reasonable price tag than mined, colored diamonds.

Just like natural diamonds, we can assure you that New World Diamonds vintage jewelry will not go out of style. It is just as evergreen.

Here a few of our New World jewelry pieces that are here to stay.

·   The Allie Ring –

The Allie Ring is our favourite ring from the collection. A rare and stunning black diamond sits in the centre surrounded by smaller and equally stunning white diamonds. This is a step up from the traditional halo style. This rare beauty is definitely going to be in style for a long long while!

·   The Lynn Pendant –

This one is a classic. How many times have we seen and wished for that small, delicate single diamond on our necks? A piece of jewelry that can be worn with any outfit, the lynn pendant is a simple, elegant and extremely versatile piece of jewelry.

·   The Lucinda Ring –

the Lucinda Ring is a beauty from New World Diamonds vintage collection. A true ode to the times past, this ethereal beauty sports a rare and stunning orange diamond in the centre. Set in 14K gold, this is perhaps one of the best pieces of best lab grown diamonds Jewelry ever!


New World Diamonds offers you the best of lab grown diamonds. We are certified and we take care to ensure that you get what you want to the best of our ability. Vintage Jewelry is one such offering of ours. A worthy investment indeed, buying a timeless piece of jewelry will never go wrong.