Do you enjoy Roblox games? Would you look foward to adventures in the seaside? If that’s the case, then you’ve got to be thinking about the maritime games? Is it not? Have you ever heard of Grand Piece Online?

If you’re looking for 2ss location along with other details, only then do we are here, take it easy! Players over the U . s . States, Uk ‘re going crazy using the latest updates hanging around. So, what is incorporated in the recent updates? Let’s join in deep to understand more about 2ss Gpo.

What’s GPO?

Gpo or Grand Piece On the internet is a seafaring Roblox game according to maritime adventure. Grand Quest Games get the game where players can uncover the hidden islands over the sea. The members can search and collect treasures and expensive imported fruits to empowering themselves.

Together with it, they are able to challenge difficult bosses, gain levels and uncover a brand new location. Additionally, players can contend with others or decide to fight by their side.

Lately on September 12, 2021, the developer released the huge update hanging around. The update includes new bosses, minibosses, rarest accessible products, six new islands etc.

2ss Gpo- a short introduction

Each sword utilized in farmville has its own unique abilities and damage level. 2 Sword Style or 2ss is really a battling technique that utilizes two blades to produce attacks. Here, you are able to carry the 2nd sword using the hands of your liking. Additionally, once the weapon Haki is active, Nitoryu or 2ss’ moves change colour to purple.

2 Sword Style location in GPO?

First of all you’ll want 1ss therefore, visit Roca Island to gather this fighting style. Second, make sure you unlock all the skills and you have maxed up 1ss before getting to 2ss Gpo. Next, return to the ” New World “, where you need to mind to Alabasta. Whenever you achieve the docks of Alabasta, mind for the north. Here, the 2SS trainer is on the small island around the left side.

Ways to get 2ss within the Gpo game?

Now, you realize the place, so dive to Sashi Island to understand 2ss. You have to prepare 100k Peli to unlock all of the skills of 2ss. You’re going to get important products like Mushasi’s katana and also the book of Nitoryu. First, Musashi will give you 100k Peli to battle along with you should you consult with him. You ultimately have 2ss Gpo.

So, every make an effort to defeat Musashi, will upskill and supply a “book of Nitoryu” that you could utilize. You should use two katanas to battle, one out of the left and yet another within the right arm. To unlock the moves of 2ss, you have to defeat Musashi multiple occasions (Max 5).

Once you defeat Musashi, bear in mind that he’ll keep becoming effective. Also, after you’ve finished out 2ss, you can’t fight him for drops. In a nutshell, you’ve just got five attempts to get the boss drop. So, do this again until you unlock its last move.


You’ve now learned the skills of 2ss Gpo. Therefore, make sure you obtain all 1ss before you decide to have 2ss. Also, make sure you have 100k Peli before you begin fighting with Musashi. Additionally, the moves are 72-pound phoenix, raging whirl, tower climb, Nittoryu strike, and Rashomon draw, that really help slash the opponent in 2 directions concurrently. So, hopefully you want this naval adventure game and obtain all of the skills to gain levels.