Did you hear about the tax exemption in United States as well as Canada. The USA has been using the tax holiday for more than a ten years. Did you ever wonder why this tax holiday was made in certain US states? Would you like to learn which items are exempted from taxes? What are the drawbacks of tax holidays

Let’s talk about 2022 Missouri Tax-Free Weekend.

Tax Free Weekend:

The US has seen 40 years of high inflation. The schools will soon reopen despite the inflation. The Covid pandemic ravaged many houses. It was discovered that sales tax holidays have started. So, it’s a matter if you time your purchases in order to receive tax exemption.

Missouri sales tax will not be charged per item.

  1. Clothing under $100
  2. School supplies for as low as $50 per item
  3. Computer software, starting at $350/item
  4. Personal computers starting at $1.500 per item
  5. Computer peripherals, = $1.500/item
  6. Graphing Calculators = $150/Item

When Will Tax Free Weekend 2022 Be?

The sales taxes holidays will commence on the 25th of July 2022, and continue until the 17th August 2022 in different states. Missouri’s Tax Free Weekend will be on the 5th of August-2022 and last until 7th of August-2022 in Missouri.

Not to be confused with the school supply exemption, but only school supplies are exempted from the sales tax holiday.

Why tax-free weekend is such a relief?

According to the National Retail Federation annual study, in 2019, back-to school supplies were purchased by parents at an average of $697. Post-pandemic, and because of rising inflation, the parents will only spend $864 this school year. Hence, 2022 Tax Free Weekend Missouri is necessary.

Retail sales are expected to fall as a result of the extra burden parents will place on their wallets. It’s because:

  • 24% said they would give their child the last-year’s items.
  • 40% of parents reported that they are seeking cheaper options and discounts online and might consider buying online.
  • Only 38% parents indicated that they would pay for back-to school supplies with a smaller budget.

Tax Free Weekend: Why is it regarded as a nuisance by

  • Different retail items may have a different method of federal tax calculation.
  • The NAICS codes and other business codes used to categorize the items are used.
  • The Tax Free Weekend Missouri varies based on the price of each item.

Therefore, exempting tax only during tax holidays is a tedious and complicated process.


The sales tax holiday will be implemented in 17 states on different dates. Tax Free Weekend has begun in many states. It is easy to take advantage of sales tax exemptions during these three days in Missouri. This will allow you to save substantial money on your back-toschool purchases if they are done between these three dates.

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