Do you know when you may need a roof repair or replacement for your commercial building?

A good functional roof is essential for safeguarding your home from destructive elements.

That is why you need to keep a closer look at your roof to detect any warning signs of deterioration. You can take action and prevent more costly failures down the road.

But what are the signs you need to look for?

Well, knowing the signs of roof damage can help you understand when to hire roofers near you for commercial roof repair or replacement services. Read on to learn 11 signs you need a commercial roof repair or replacement.

A new roof preserves the structural integrity of your house and gives it a durable, outstanding roof replacement auckland guarantee that will last for decades.

A roofing services firm will often provide additional services. If you think your roof has another problem that needs to be fixed, be sure to ask.

1. Sagging Roofline

One sign you need a new roof is a sagging roofline.

It should always be straight and strong. Any visible dipping, curving, or sagging may mean your roof requires inspection. Though framing issues can cause a sagging roofline, water saturation on the roof deck can still cause the problem.

Other causes of sagging roofline include:

• Having too many shingle layers

• Structural issues in your roof

• Compromised beams

You don’t have to try DIY with your roof. It can lead to more problems; instead, hire a commercial roof repair company.

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2. Storm Damage

A strong wind storm can cause deterioration of your roof shingles.

The wind carries debris that falls onto your roof and thus leaving punctures or openings that will later become water leak spots. Your roof shingles may also be lifted during a storm. High-speed winds can leave your roofing susceptible to UV rays, damaging your roof covering.

Additionally, if a windstorm is accompanied by rain or snow, moisture will start seeping into your roofing system and lead to water damage.

If you have a roof that recently sustained a heavy storm, you must act fast. Some of the storm damages can be repaired, but they will continue deteriorating your roof if left alone.

3. A lot of Shingle Granules in Gutters

It is normal for asphalt shingles to shed some granules.

However, if you start seeing an influx of granules in the gutters, it is a warning sign your roof needs repair or replacement. Furthermore, if your asphalt shingles look spotty or bare in some sections, it might be an indication they are wearing out and need replacement.

In such a situation, it is always necessary you call a professional roofer to inspect your roof for other signs such as leaks. They will also determine whether your roof needs repair or replacement.

4. Curly, Mossy, or Missing Shingles

Sometimes, it is possible to spot roof damage from the ground.

Well, you might be tempted to think that cracked or missing shingles is no big deal. But, a lot could be wrong with your roofing when there are such signs.

Shingles are the first line of defense against elements that may damage your roof. And when they are damaged, it means minor intrusion such as water will be able to cause damage to the rest of your roofing system.

Broken or missing shingles may occur due to several reasons that include: strong winds, improper installation, or ice damning. 

If missing or cracked shingles are left unattended, they can cause plywood damage, water leaks and downgrade your home’s curb appeal. Click here to hire the best commercial roof repair company near you.

5. Sagging Roofline

How should a roofline look like?

Well, a roofline should always be arrow-shaped and straight. But if you notice a dip, curve, or swag on the peak, your roof has a problem. Sometimes, it could be something you can handle, but it could still be a more complicated issue that may require professional intervention.

Though framing issues mainly cause a sagging roofline, in some cases, it can result from the rotten or saturated sheathing. However, you will need a professional to evaluate the problem and assess the extent of the damage.

6. Interior Water Damage

Sometimes, a leak on your attic ceiling may seem minor.

But actually, a small leak may turn into more significant problems. Often, a leaky roof will show as a form of interior water damage. Some of the signs you will see include stains, streaks, and water spots on the wall or ceiling.

Water damage is usually caused by damaged pipes, leaky appliances, faulty faucets, etc. But if water damage is showing up in the attic, it may mean roof issues.

Whether minor or major, a roof leak may affect the integrity of the exterior and interior of your home. To prevent the damage from spreading, hire a certified leak detection company in Miami to fix the water problem.

7. Sagging Roof Deck

A roof deck is supposed to be straight. But if you notice a sagging roof, it may indicate several issues such as:

• Improper house design
• Excessive or ice on the roof
• Too many layers of shingles
• Aging roof
• Wall failures
• Missing internal bracing, among others

A sagging roof is usually a common problem for roofs that haven’t been replaced for a very long time. The issue may occur in older homes due to design issues.

A sagging roof can be dangerous for you and your family. It can affect your home’s structural integrity, and your roof may be on the brink of collapse. However, you can hire professional roofers to determine the extent of the damage and how it can be fixed.

8. Uneven or Soft Roof

An uneven roof major concern; may indicate damage to a section of the roof structure.

Insufficient framing can be one of the reasons why your roof is uneven. This issue occurs when an architect designing your home fails to correctly calculate the framing structure’s sizing, spacing, and layout.

A damaged framing may also occur due to tress, snow, or debris falling on your roof. A pitched roof will cause moisture to damage plywood or sheathing board. Additionally, moisture will separate fibers from adhesive.

If you have an uneven roof, you may require a commercial roof replacement to determine the severity of deterioration. But if your roof has developed a wavy appearance due to age, replacing it is the only way that will prevent further damage to your roofing system.

9. Damaged Roof Membrane

Well, roof membrane punctures are caused mainly by heavy traffic.

But, roof membranes are usually designed to handle regular traffic. However, careless use of tools during installation may cause puncturing. Additionally, gravel may also get lodged into the membrane resulting in damage.

Natural causes such as wind storms can also blow debris onto your roof and thus causing punctures. Additionally, if you have a flat roof, it may collect rainwater that will cause wear and tear of the material.

If your roof membrane is damaged, you need to hire roof pros to fix the problem. Regular preventive maintenance may improve the overall performance of your roofing.

10. Flashing Failures

Flashing is essential for keeping your residential roofing system free from leaks.

It will also protect against extreme outside elements in areas such as chimneys, vents, skylight, and other roof penetrations points. But when this layer is damaged, it can allow leaks and debris to penetrate into your roofing.

Roof flashing may fail due to incorrect installation or typical wear and tear. Some of the signs you will notice when your flashing is damaged include; cracks, gaps, rust, missing parts, leaks, among others.

If you have flashing failures, you must hire commercial roof maintenance services and prevent further damages.

11. Improper Attic Insulation

Poor insulation in your attic may have detrimental effects on your entire home heating and cooling system. It may also indicate issues with your roofing.

Roofing problems may also bring pests that may thrive in the damaged insulation material. You may also experience poor indoor air quality or, worse, a spike in the energy bill.

Your home must have good insulation for a better performance of the HVAC system. You can hire an experienced roofing contractor to inspect your roof and determine what may be the cause of poor insulation.

Hire Commercial Roof Repair or Replacement Service Today

Your roof is the first line of defense against elements that may cause damage to your roof. Thus, you must pay attention to any signs that may indicate your need for commercial roof repair or replacement services.

Always hire professionals who will do the work diligently and on time. If you are unsure about the state of your roof, they will also help with the inspection and give you the confidence you need with your roof.

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