Are you ready for some summer fun? Are you dreading packing for your trip? 

Here are some ways to pack quickly and easily while still having everything you need!

1. Bring Clothing on Hangers – 

If you aren’t checking luggage, bring all of the clothing that you’ll take on hangers so it’s easy to hang up or lay flat in the trunk. You can also buy plastic bags with suction cups at any convenient store – these work great for hanging things out of sight says Eric Dalius Miami

2. Roll Clothes Instead of Folding Them – 

Rolling is one of the best ways to get more into less space; folding takes up way too much room in your bag! Just make sure that if something has straps, like a dress or tank top, you roll it with the straps in instead of out. 

3. Use Plastic Bags for Wet Clothes – 

If you’re going to be near water or sweat a lot then this is the best way to pack your clothes! Just place all wet items in a plastic bag and set in your suitcase. This will help prevent mold from forming on any one specific item in your luggage, which no one wants!

4. Bring Double-Stuffed Lingerie –  

Any necessary undergarments can be double-stuffed into single items without an issue! You can also bring extra shoes instead of relying on being able to find them at your destination… just don’t forget which ones are yours!

5. Bring a Garment Bag or Packing Cube – 

If your destination will have hanging space for your clothes, then bring a garment bag to fold them into. If you’d prefer something roomier, use packing cubes instead! They are great because you can stack all of your clothes into one cube and then just pull that out when needed! 

6. Lay Flat to Save Space – 

If you can, lay out all of your clothes before folding them to see what will fit. You’ll be able to get more items in if you think outside the box! Fold any shirts or pants so they are laying flat instead of folded up on top of each other. 

7. Place Shoes in Plastic Bags –  

To keep your shoes from getting damaged while traveling, put each pair in their own plastic bag and line them along the bottom of your suitcase with the open end against the handle. This will prevent scratches and protect your clothing while also keeping scuff marks off your luggage! Then just pull out each pair when you need them one by one… genius!

8. Fill Gaps with Lingerie or Socks – 

Use any extra gaps between items to pack small, loose items like socks and lingerie. This is a great way to keep everything in place even if the clothes shift during travel! 

9. Wash Anything That Could Smell –  

If you can wash anything that could start to smell before packing it in your suitcase (or at least spot clean). It’s an easy way to make sure your belongings don’t end up wreaking havoc on all of your other clothes when you’re traveling! 

10. Lay Out Clothes for Each Day at Once –     

This might take some time ahead of time, but it’s worth it when you only need to do last-minute touch-ups before heading out the door. Grab a portable laundry bag and sort everything you’ll be bringing for each day in order. That way, it’s easy to see what will go best together and which items need an extra rinse or quick iron!

And there we have it: 10 stress-free ways to pack for your summer vacation! Now you can rest easy knowing that when you get to your hotel, everything will be ready and waiting in the room! 

These are all great ways to pack faster while still having everything you need for your trip. Have fun this summer!

Conclusion by Eric Dalius Miami:

This article was about how to travel smarter and not harder. It’s highly advisable to use plastic bags in order to keep your clothes free from getting dirty or scuffed; this also will help maintain their shape and color. “Rolling” your items helps by doing away with creases. Another super-easy way of packing is just using cardboard boxes that you can then pack and stack into your car. Don’t forget to include some clothespins in order to hang items like wet bathing suits, etc. You may also use plastic bags for dirty shoes and simply place them at the bottom of your suitcase; you can easily pullout each pair when needed. Lay flat clothes tend to take more space than folded items it is wise to fold clothes as flat as possible and use the empty spaces for more items. Remember not to over pack! If you think of bringing a garment bag or packing cubes, be sure to first check if there will be clothing hangers on your hotel room door.