One of the most popular video games of all time, Minecraft is being played by over 100 million users every year. Here’s 10 reasons why everyone loves Minecraft:

1. Creativity

The key concept of Minecraft is creativity, as it allows all players to unleash all their ideas and transform them into reality on their virtual worlds, creating detailed structures and buildings that represent them perfectly. Whether that’s castles, full scale cities or a fantasy kingdom, the sky’s the limit for every player!

2. Multiplayer

Now, what’s more fun than playing with your best friends? Minecraft allows you to do that in one of the best ways, as you can create a new world or use an already existing one and then invite all your friends to join in and have a great time together! Looking for more than just the typical single player experience? Multiplayer servers got you covered again, as there’s thousands that provide you with many custom fun minigames and gamemodes that you can try, maximizing the fun!

3. PvP

Building isn’t everything in this game! Another key component is PvP, especially on Multiplayer servers, where you can fight other players in real time in different types of tournaments and minigames, perfect for a real challenge and having some fun, whether alone or with your friends!

4. Mobs

You won’t feel too lonely either, as the game includes many animals and mobs, ranging from farm animals to wild mobs and evil creatures. While there’s passive mobs like pigs, chicken or cows which you can even tame and breed, there’s also hostile mobs that will haunt you down and attempt to kill you, like the zombies, creepers or skeletons, creating a complete experience for any player.

5. Redstone

Minecraft also welcomes the great minds that wish to make advanced connections and build their mechanical systems. Whether you’re looking to add a cool system, like a hidden door, a secret tunnel or a machine that will automate your work, redstone is the element that will allow you to engineer and make these systems work for you!

6. Mining

You need resources in order to survive and gear up. The fun thing about it is that you can go mining in the caves and embark on a fun adventure, searching for different types of ores, from lower tier ones, such as coal and iron, to the most powerful and rare resources, such as gold, diamond and netherite. 

7. The Nether and The End 

Even though you kick off your adventure in the Overworld, you can also make your way to two alternative worlds during your journey, which are the Nether and the End. In order to get to the first one, you’ll need to find a portal in the wilderness or build your own with obsidian, then explore the surroundings of the dimension, as you discover new blocks and mobs!

8. Boss Battles

Practically, the main goal of Minecraft is to gear up and defeat the Ender Dragon. In order to do that, you’ll need to find the portal leading to the End, then use your armor and weapons in order to deal damage to the creature, until you defeat it. The Nether also provides you with the chance to fight the other boss, the Wither, which is slightly easier to defeat, but still a great challenge for the brave warriors!

9. Farming

Back to working around your house, you can build a whole farm by breeding animals and planting a wide variety of crops, such as carrots, potatoes and wheat. This will provide you with enough food to play at full capacity and be as strong as possible!

10. Potions

In order to boost your stats and gain powerful effects, such as speed, strength, jump boost, invisibility or fire resistance, you’ll need to brew your potions by mixing a water bottle with specific ingredients in a brewing stand. You can also decide to increase the power or the duration of the potion, by adding additional ingredients. Though it requires a bit of patience, the end result is definitely worth it!