Are you the type of person who always goes the additional mile to help people in need? Maybe you could never walk past a stranger on the street who looks like they are struggling, and always buy food and drinks for homeless people. Maybe you are the ‘go to’ friend in your group when others are going through a hard time or need some help, because they know you are caring, empathetic, and they can rely on you to be there for them. If you love helping other people, then you might naturally be looking for a career where you can do this all the time. 

People are always going to need support and help in various ways, and there are lots of career options available where you can be there for and help others. Careers are available for people who prefer to help in practical or abstract ways, depending on your preferences. Some people like the idea of a more hands-on job helping others, while others prefer to help from behind the scenes, or working with people long-term to bring about positive changes eventually. Ultimately, there are lots of rewarding careers out there where you can work with people who need help to ensure that they get the support that they need, and their lives are improved because of it. 

RCFE Administrator

Working with elderly people can be quite a privilege, and lots of people who want to get into a helping and supportive career will consider this. With a required assisted living manager certification, you could get into a career where you are in charge of living arrangements for seniors. This could range from looking after facilities for older people who are mostly independent but may require some additional support from time to time, to working with seniors who need round the clock care for serious conditions such as dementia. 

When you get the qualification, you will be covering a lot of areas such as resident care, regulations and laws, business operations, dementia and Alzheimer’s, medication assistance, and even marketing strategies for assisted living facilities, allowing you to go into a career where you can improve the lives of countless older people. 

Mental Health Counselor

Love Car Quotes If you’re good at talking with other people and like to talk to help people feel safe and at ease in your presence, a career as a mental health counselor might be an ideal option for you. Working in this role, you may often be one of the first, and one of the most important individuals that people will speak to when they need help with their mental wellbeing and health. You might be spending your time helping people get through difficult times in their lives or overcoming mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. 


If you like the idea of caring for people in a hands on setting and want to help patients with their physical health, a career in nursing might be an ideal option for you. Nursing is one of the most selfless and caring career paths that you can do. Nurses are primarily tasked with caring for their patients’ physical health, including assisting with medication and administering treatment, but there is also a huge side of the job that involves putting patients at ease, offering reassurance, and being empathetic towards their needs and fears. With a huge shortage of nurses throughout the country at the moment, this is also one of the most in-demand caring careers right now, and it’s not difficult to find work once you have the appropriate training. 

Social Work

A career as a social worker will give you the chance to help others in a range of ways. Social workers are often responsible for working with some of society’s most vulnerable people, helping them overcome various difficult situations that they have found themselves in. For example, you may be working with children from difficult family backgrounds who have been placed in foster care, women who are fleeing domestic violence situations, or people who are living in poverty. 

Social workers are often heavily involved in family court procedures to ensure that the people that they are working with are well-supported, making recommendations that can have a huge impact on individual lives. The role might involve working with people who have been the victim of a crime, helping them access the support that they need to work through the trauma and move on with their lives. 

Police Officer

Helping others isn’t always about working in healthcare. In some cases, you can help others by protecting them and keeping communities safe, which is what being a good police officer is all about. If you are interested in a job that is fast-paced and are interested in making your community a safer place to be, then a career in law enforcement might be an ideal choice for you. Police offers aren’t just responsible for arresting criminals; they also spend their time providing education to keep the public safe, offering support to crime victims, and improving communities. If you want to help others, but also like the idea of a career that can be a little bit thrilling with no two days the same, this might be an ideal choice for you. 

Psychiatric Nurse

If you like the idea of working as a nurse but prefer a career where you will be supporting people with their mental health and wellbeing, then a career in psychiatric nursing might be a great fit for you. These nurses are registered nurses with specialist training to work with patients who have serious mental health conditions and disorders that require inpatient or outpatient care. You might be working with people who have addictions to substances, for example, or patients with personality disorders that are affecting their lives. 

In this role, you’ll be providing practical care along with counselling and mental health support. You will need to be responsible for patient safety and provide appropriate treatment while working alongside a team of other mental health professionals. 

Personal Training

Personal training is another career to consider if you want to be able to help people become the best versions of themselves. People often become personal trainers if they have a passion for health and fitness that they want to share with others. In this role, you might be working with a range of clients who have gotten to a point in their lives where they are no longer happy with their health or physique, and the work that you do with them will not only help them become physically healthier, but also improve their mental wellbeing and self-esteem. 


Teachers are also helping professionals who play a huge role in society today. As a teacher, you are helping others every day by shaping the next generation and providing education to your students. Teachers might work with either kids or adults, but either way, you are helping people improve their knowledge and being a key figure in their development. School teachers in particular work closely with children and young people, not only helping them develop themselves academically but also being there for them throughout tough times and providing support when needed. Teachers are also heavily involved in safeguarding, so there may be times in this career where you will be directly responsible for helping your students get out of an unsafe situation and turn things around in their lives. 

Probation Officer

Working as a probation officer is another career to consider if you want to help people. In this role, you will often be working with people who have committed crimes as part of their sentence. People might be required to visit with a probation officer after they have committed a misdemeanor, or you might be meeting regularly with somebody who is required to see you after they have been released from a prison sentence. 

Working as a probation officer might be an ideal option for you if you are the type of person who will see potential in others and believe that everybody deserves a second chance. In this role you will be responsible for keeping people on the straight and narrow by meeting with them regularly to discuss their progress and ensuring that they are able to get access to the support that they need. 


For many people who want a career helping others, getting into medicine and working as a physician is often seen as the ultimate career. However, this role is one that takes a lot of work and dedication to get into, as you’ll need to spend several years at medical school and even longer getting hands-on experience. However, once you have completed all this training, you will be in a position to help people in a wide range of medical settings, with excellent career progression prospects. 

If you are looking for your future career and are the type of person who loves helping others, then there are lots of options available. Whether you like the idea of working in healthcare or want to help and support people in other ways, there are lots of career options to choose from.